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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible to make a MultiDetail list with Unigui Mobile similar to what we do with the listview dynamicappearance of FMX?
  2. skafy

    Mobile - Searchable list

    Hi, Is there any mobile component that looks very much alike List but it is searchable? What I would like is ComboBox of style Drop-Down. So text can be inserted and List get shorter. Best regards!
  3. Hi; I was successfully to export and download a datasource content using ZEXMLSS Download XML file and open with excel it works very nice for me. Used Component : ZEXMLSS and ZColorStringGrid from http://avemey.com/index.php?lang=en Turbo power tpabbrevia from http://sourceforge.net/projects/tpabbrevia/?source=dlp You must install a zip component and zcolorstring for exporting. I need some modification ZEXMLSS compatiblity for tpabbrevia manually during installation. Here is sample code which was tested via XE2 PS : sorry for big capital. I am always using big capital writting a program. // Tdosyaver is uniform formname // RAPORHAZIRLA(XFILENAME:STRING); // Prepare data and export it using ZEXMLSS. QLIST is a datasource and opened before this proc. PROCEDURE TDOSYAVER.RAPORHAZIRLA(XFILENAME:STRING); //uses zexmlss, zeodfs, zexmlssutils, zeformula, zsspxml, zexlsx; var XMLSS: TZEXMLSS; i, j: integer; TextConverter: TAnsiToCPConverter; sEOL: string; XSAYI : INTEGER; XSATIR : INTEGER; XCOL : INTEGER; begin TextConverter := nil; {$IFNDEF FPC} {$IF CompilerVersion < 20} // < RAD Studio 2009 TextConverter := @AnsiToUtf8; {$IFEND} {$ENDIF} {$IFDEF FPC} sEOL := LineEnding; {$ELSE} sEOL := sLineBreak; {$ENDIF} XMLSS := TZEXMLSS.Create(nil); try //There are 1 pages in this document XMLSS.Sheets.Count := 1; XMLSS.Sheets[0].Title := 'Sayfa1'; // EXCEL SHEET NAME //Add styles XMLSS.Styles.Count := 1; XMLSS.Styles[0].Font.Size := 10; XMLSS.Styles[0].Font.Name := 'Arial'; XMLSS.Styles[0].Alignment.Horizontal := ZHCenter; // This parameters are optional and some styles options too (line backcolor, text oriantation etc). XMLSS.Styles[0].Alignment.Vertical := ZVCenter; XMLSS.Styles[0].Alignment.WrapText := true; with XMLSS.Sheets[0] do begin //the count of rows and columns // ZEXMLSS must know how many contain rows and cols. You must set this properties before beginging exporting. RowCount := 50; // ColCount := 20; // All Field Names FOR XSAYI:=0 TO QLIST.FIELDS.COUNT-1 DO BEGIN CELL[XSAYI,1].CellStyle:=1; CELL[XSAYI,1].DATA:=QLIST.FIELDS[XSAYI].FIELDNAME; END; // XSATIR:=2; // row. First row contain field XCOL:=0; // we transfer to all records to ZEXMLSS WHILE NOT QLIST.EOF DO BEGIN FOR XCOL:=0 TO QLIST.FIELDS.COUNT-1 DO BEGIN CELL[XCOL,XSATIR].CellStyle:=1; CELL[XCOL,XSATIR].DATA:=QLIST.FIELDS[XCOL].ASSTRING; END; QLIST.NEXT; INC(XSATIR); END; end; finally FreeAndNil(XMLSS); end; end; procedure TDOSYAVER.BTNEXCELClick(Sender: TObject); VAR XFILENAME : STRING; begin XFILENAME:='Report.XML'; XFILENAME:=UniServerModule.LocalCachePath+XFILENAME; RAPORHAZIRLA(XFILENAME); UniSession.sendFile(XFILENAME); end;