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Found 1 result

  1. Startek

    LetsEncrypt & uniGUI

    Why is SSL so hard. We have developed an accounts backend web interface with uniGUI and would like to use SSL/HTTPS for public access (the right way to do things). We built this as a standalone EXE running on port 8077. letsencrypt.org offer free certificates but I can't get any of the ACME clients to work. The simplest to use is ZeroSSL web interface (I can generate a CSR and account/email key but then when I hit "next" it says "failed to retrieve resource directory" WTF). The ZeroSSL downloadable stand-alone executables are hideous command line programs, as are most of the other Windows downloads (ZeroSSL make this pretty web interface but can't make a nice Windows GUI?) Has anybody used letsencrypt.org? I realise at some point I will have to copy some files into a directory on my server (the one running on port 80) but I never even seem to get that far. Since I have wasted a day on this so far I think I'll just have to buy a certificate from godaddy as there is some help here about how to go about this (although it assumes you know what to do with the files).