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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I just update from 0.99 version into 1.5. and i am facing an issue, previously in calendarpanel, i can triger add event in week view, now the new calendarpanel i can not do that. I must changes the view on Month view then i can create event. any one can help ?
  2. andyhill

    Mobile Calendar Component ?

    I cannot see a Mobile Calendar Component, am I missing something ?
  3. Calendar of Commitments with uniGUI I show in this video based on a source code provided in the Group by Robinho, how to create a calendar where you can put badges on days with appointments. I use the components of the Fênix: http://app.fenixerp.com.br/unigui/ [PT-BR] Calendário de Compromissos com uniGUI Mostro nesse vídeo com base em um código fonte fornecido no Grupo por Robinho, como criar um calendário onde você pode colocar marcações (badge) nos dias com compromissos. utilizo os componentes da Fênix: http://app.fenixerp.com.br/unigui/ VIDEO https://youtu.be/f0ws4zcuRtM Caledario2.rar
  4. Hi all, I have a list of 200 employees, I want to make a schedule of presence by resources, as in the capture: Thanks
  5. Please help me Where can I get the code source of Advanced calendar demo?? I need a sample of Advanced Calendare Demo.