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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible to increase the size of IconCls in mobile?
  2. Possible error in TUnimBitbtn's IconCls Good morning, I've set up my TUnimBitbtn with the IconCls property inside the Mobile App, but the icon is only displayed if the Caption property has a filled character. If the caption property is null or blank, the IconCls icon is not displayed, is this correct? Is there anything I need to do? Or it's a component bug! Attachments: Image with the location of the information. Image with Caption filled in appears the icon. Picture without Caption filled in does not appear icon.
  3. Hi, I need one of icons in fontawsome to be displayed in UniDBLookup trigger. I tried following two approaches and for both approaches icon looks Ok on TRITON theme. The issue is with other themes and icon is not displaying correctly on them (Ex. Nepton, Gray). Try1: Setting Lookup.Triggers->IconCls := 'x-fa fa-bars'; Try2: using custom css .x-form-mylookup-trigger{position:relative;} .x-form-mylookup-trigger:before{font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f0C9";} See attached image for output. So, what is the proper way to use fontawsome in UniDBLookup triggers? Than
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