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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I wanted to use jbPivot in UniHTMLFrame. Generates html which works after saving in the index.html file. In UniHTMLFrame, however, it was empty. I've changed that running the function $ ("# pivot1").jbPivot () i added to AfterScript. Unfortunately, every time I get that jbPivot is not a function. I checked CustomFiles and there are all needed js and css files. Can you help me run this ?? jbPivot-master.zip
  2. Hello I wanted to use slick.js in unihtmlframe. UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.LoadFromFile ('files / index.html'); Pictures appear but scrolling does not work. Running index.html works fine. I need help in this subject slick_test.zip
  3. uniGUI DOES jqToastr >>Why JqToastr: A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system. Works in any modern browser (desktop and mobile) and OS. Is highly customizable and simple to use. >>Supports and compatibility: Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3+ Chrome 9+ Safari 3+ Opera 10+ iOS 4+ Android 2+ >>How to use in uniGUI 1-Declare in ServerModule.CustomFiles files/jquery.toast.css files/jquery.toast.js 2- Declare JqToast to USES clause of your unit. 3- See main example Desktop or Mobil
  4. hi how to change version of jquery ? <script src="/uni-"></script> to new version jquery New Version of &nbsp;jquery <script src="https://cdnjs.com/libraries/jquery/3.4.1"></script>
  5. how to add java script file in unigui ? not working and not add ...
  6. Hi, I'm studying UNIGUI to migrate some applications did in IntraWeb 10, and I'm using Trial Unigui, I don't know if is because it is trial, but I tried various JQuery scripts to implement mask on TUnimEdit without success. Anybody can help me with this? Thanks
  7. Personal follow Free Class with fonts, today we send of uniGUI + jQuery Slider Shock, check there it was worth! Pessoal segue Aula Free com fonts, hoje mandamos de uniGUI + jQuery Slider Shock, confere lá valeu! Vídeo Links: https://imasters.com.br/front-end/jquery/os-14-melhores-plugins-de-image-slider-em-jquery/?trace=1519021197&source=single http://www.jqueryslidershock.com/ GaleriaJquery.rar
  8. Hi, guys! My question is very simple but i have read Basic jQuery Example from Demos for many times but didn't find where is written <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script> In what property or event we can find such plugging to the lib? Thank you in advance !!!
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