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Found 5 results

  1. I use this procedure to create a runtime form with HTMLFrame procedure TDMT.ShowListStart(TTl: STring); Var F : TUniForm; RollingStone : TUniHTMLFrame; Begin F := TUniForm(UniApplication.FindComponent('MyShowListName')); if Assigned(F) then FreeAndNil(F); F := TUniForm.Create(UniApplication); With F Do Begin // Parent:=MainForm; AlignmentControl:=uniAlignmentServer; ClientHeight := 512 ; ClientWidth := 1248; OldCreateOrder := False ; Width:=Round(Screen.Width/4); Height:=Round(Screen.Height/2); Left:=Screen.Width-Round(Screen.Width/8); Top:=Screen.Height-Round(Screen.Height/4); Position:=poScreenCenter; BorderStyle:=bsSingle; BorderIcons:=[biMaximize,biSystemMenu]; Name:='MyShowListName'; KeyPreview:=True; Rtl:=False; Caption:=''; CaptionAlign:=taCenter; FormStyle:=fsStayOnTop; OnKeyDown:= KeyDownConfig; Caption:=TTl; FreeOnClose:=True; End; RollingStone:=TUniHTMLFrame.Create(F); With RollingStone Do Begin Parent:=F; AlignWithMargins := True; RTL := True; Align:=alClient; AutoScroll := True; Name:='MyShowListRollingStoneName'; end; End; And I use the normal form buttons to close it. This form closes without issue when called on a frame But if it is called while working on a form, the regular close button cannot close the form The form is designed as a server side How can I solve this problem?
  2. Hello! first topic in here, I'm an IT guy on a small business and I have the need to build up a Intranet for our ~10 man team to communicate and load some data from our ERP software, so I'm testing some options, unigui is one of them because Unigui and delphi seems to be extremly productive in comparison to asp.net / php frameworks So let's cut the crap, I've download downloaded the trial and did some homework, here's some of my doubts by now: 1st: I pretend to use Unigui with the UniPageControl/Frames to do some tabs inside the page but some of the frames like let's say "InvoiceDetail" I'll need to open one two or more instances at once, one for each different Invoice. for that test I did this way: procedure NewTab(AFrame : TFrame;ATitle:string;Aid:integer); ... //creation of the TabSheet and other stuffs FCurrentFrame:= TUniFrameClass(AFrame).Create(Self); with FCurrentFrame do begin Name := Name+IntToStr(Aid); Tag := ATag; Align := alClient; Parent := TabSheet; end; end; I Create the FRAME and then I renamed it because I CAN'T have two frames with the same name, so, to overcome this issue I inserted the Invoice ID on the end of the InvoiceDetail, now InvoiceDetail became InvoiceDetail400 InvoiceDetail500 InvoiceDetailN and so on... The problem is that those Frames will need some ajaxRequest to be sent to the sever and on the client side on JS I can't find the correct name of the Frame to send like ajaxRequest(InvoiceDetail400,'EventName',[params]); how do I retrieve the correct frame name? 2nd: I already bought the FontAwesome 5 and it seems that uniGUI uses the free by default. Is there a way to remove the embbeded FA Free so the page won't load this two css's files? (5.0 and 4.7 free). I don't like this kind of mess and waste of resources. 3rd: Is there a complete documentation? (Example: I don't understand, what is UniHTMLFrame.AfterScript , when it runs? after the page is loaded? Is there a documentation about that?) Regards, Frega W.
  3. Hi everyone, How can i find and remove dynamicly created object on runtime ? I want to find Panelx1 (dynamicly created.) and remove. is it possible ? UniSession.AddJS('if (Ext.get("Panelx1")) {Ext.get("Panelx1").remove();}'); mypanel := TUnipanel.Create(Self); with Tunipanel(InsertControl(mypanel)) do begin Caption := '1'; LayoutConfig.Flex := 1; layoutconfig.Height := '100%'; Parent := UniContainerPanel1; Name := 'Panelx1'; end; Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, we are going to uniGUI in vein, so come on, this post is attached to the source code and a video showing how I did it. I hope you enjoy it, thanks. HTML Menu: https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/yplrV Olá pessoal, Bora de uniGUI na veia, então bora, neste post vai em anexo do codigo fonte e um vídeo mostrando como fiz. Espero que gostem, valeu. Menu HTML: https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/yplrV Video lessons (Vídeo Aula) MenuTreeHtml.rar
  5. I like the look and feel of the mobile stuff. I would like a little extra space vertically. And as such, I am trying to figure out how to.... Make browser tool bar at the top invisible. For example: On Android phone, I see the chrome tool bar with the URL etc... Dynamically set ShowTitle to FALSE so that I don't lose that quarter of an inch at the top with the dark blue bar.... In landscape mode this is important. Less important in portrait mode. Change some kind of scaling property so that my whole screen is smaller (smaller font, smaller graphics etc... just like changing resolution of your desktop). Change the row height or column header height of a unimDBGrid I have explored #4 by using all kinds of EXTevents and UNIevents and placing code in the onCreate method etc.. No luck of any kind. I would imagine that this is a popular question. I don't even mind if it's as crude as chaning the whole display resolution. IE: The whole screen is affected, as opposed to just a particular control. I just need a few more rows of display space. I am using version Thanks Davie
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