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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I recently notices that I'm getting blank white page after dialog is closed. In my application on MainForm I have DBGrid and when double click is performed detail form is shown. After I click close button on this detail form I get white blank page. It seems that behind the whiteness there are all controls from MainForm, but they aren't visible. Attachments: On start there is MainForm (MainForm.png) Double click on the record opens details dialog (DetailsDialog.png) When Close button on details dialog is clicked, I get whiteness (BlankWhite.png) Because this started recently I
  2. Hi everybody, Is there any way to change the title on the show message dialogs for mobile applications, like there is for the unigui webapps. In the unigui webapps i can use the following code below but i get an Ajax error > 'can't find variable' when i try this code in the mobile application ShowMessage('MESSSAGE!'); UniSession.AddJS('$("span#messagebox-1001_header_hd-textEl").html(' + '"THIS IS A CUSTOM MESSAGE");'); Best Regards Christian
  3. helo every body, how can i catch a value of messagedlg function with mtconfirmation ? i don't know how to know which button is pressed was it yes or no. here is my code MessageDlg(aPesan,mtConfirmation,mbYesNo) in desktop application i just do this if MessageDlg(aPesan,mtConfirmation,mbYesNo,0)=mrYes then begin //.......blah blah blah end; how do i implement the same things in unigui ? thanks in advance
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