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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have the following scenario: My application needs to run on multiple servers in Azure - but will be accessed from one url (https://unigui-app.com -> Azure App gateway -> UniGUI/http port:xxx) The Azure application gateway is deciding to with VM the request is routed. Now my questions: how can I ensure that one user (session) stays on one VM? how to deploy a new application to multiple VMs Can this be done with server-farms? Or how to adjust my application that I can: keep one user on one VM - cookies, url parameters? how to deploy ("/server") new application to individual VMs - cookies, url parameters (e.g. "https:///xxx.com/server/vm1"). I can redirect the requests then to individual VMs if I have some criteria to parse. Best regards, /Werner
  2. Hello! I have a strange problem. Just migrated my portal to Azure. Installation was easy and also the Login page is displayed correctly. YES! BUT - when I tried to trigger any action (on the "normal" page or der "/server page) I always got an error 403. Then the page shows "Retrying.. xxx" x times. My setup is the following: 1.) My web-portal is https://portal.company.com -> SSL (443) 2.) In Azure I have an Application gateway configures to direct the request to HTTP Port xxxx. 3.) On the VM the UniGUI Hyperserver is running as a service. Not sure where is the issue. Anyone else running UniGUI projects like this? In my previous solution it just works fine. Any special settings in the .cfg file needed? Anything else I can try? Best regards, /Werner
  3. Anyone has an idea how the uniGUI Runtime Package can be installed on Microsoft Azure ?
  4. Hi, 1. I compile the most basic uniGUI application (this means, I create a new uniGUI application with the Application Wizard and choose ISAPI module) 2. I transfer by ftp the compiled project1.dll file to my wwwroot on Azure 3. I try to connect with my webbrowser: https://xxx(mypath).azurewebsites.net/project1.dll I expect to see my compiled MainForm in my browser, the only thing I see is an empty white webbrowser with the message : loading... What am I doing wrong ? What other files have to be transferred ? Thank you in advance. cdev
  5. Could anyone that has successfully deployed a uniGUI ISAPI dll to Azure please provide the steps and example that you used to create the package and service definition schema? I'd like to deploy my app to an Azure web role instead of VM but having a difficult time doing it. Thanks! Robert
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