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Found 6 results

  1. In few hours will be available. Some features This project and a series of them related to WhatsAPP and uniGUI will be for sale. With this one that will be available in the next hours, you will be able to integrate your uniGUI APP with the WhatsApp network using a WhatsApp web session via CEF4Delphi and using the TInject component to insert JavaScript code in the Chrome session and thus control the application. -Integrates WhatsAPP with uniGUI without using middlewares or any api using WhtasApp Web via CEF4Delphi. -Easy integration with your projects (uniGUI or VCL) and many improvements in component and Demo. -Authentication via QrCode through the form in uniGUI or directly on the VCL screen saving the image, so you can send it to integrate with your other services or applications. -Uses the TInject component (version modified by me) with the following features: Send messages Receive messages Send media (images/audio/documents) Send media (video) (requires google chrome) Send stickers Receive media (images/audio/video/documents) Send contact cards Send location Send VCard Send Link With Preview (e.i.: Youtube, ticktok, instagram etc) Retrieve image thumbnail location and convert to link Receive location (implementings) Receives VCard Message replies Join groups by invite Get invite for group Modify group info (subject, description) Modify group settings (send messages, edit info) Get Broadcast groups only, send only to them etc. Add group participants Kick group participants Promote/demote group participants Mention users Mute/unmute chats Send Buttons Send List Options (in test, soon to be released) Block/unblock contacts Get contact info Get profile pictures Set user status message Get Battery and Device info From OpenSource project https://github.com/pedroslopez/whatsapp-web.js https://docs.wwebjs.dev/ https://github.com/open-wa/wa-automate-nodejs/ (W/ partialy paid - No paid feature included in this project) https://github.com/mikelustosa/Projeto-TInject <-- TInject - Free version https://github.com/salvadordf/CEF4Delphi Visit our groups: https://t.me/uniguiexpress (english) https://t.me/uniguiBrazil (portuguese-br) My contact: WA/TG: +55-1198620-7676 WhatsuniGUI-Sending.mp4 WhatsuniGUI-Preview.mp4 WhatsuniGUI-Buttons.mp4
  2. Hi all, Do you have some idea, what could be wrong. Sometimes works, sometimes no. Obviously some interruption happens, instead of result I got 301: Interrupted. After app is complete loaded there is lover possibility to get error. If I put to mainForm.OnCreate then approximately every third call failed. URL call API server, result is XML string to fill ClientDatset. There is no difference if the function is on MainModule or MainForm. Br, marko. function TUniMainModule.getData(url:String;clt:TclientDataset):String; var http:TipwHTTp; begin try clt.Close; http:=TipwHTTp.create(self); http.FollowRedirects:=fralways; http.timeout:=10; http.get(url); clt.xmldata:=http.TransferredData; http.free; result:='OK'; Except on e:Exception do begin Result:='response from API: '+e.Message+', api: '+ http.URL+', Reason: '+http.StatusLine ; end; end; end;
  3. Example for consumption of Geolocation API enabling complete data collection from a given ip. Get you free API Key at http://ipstack.com/ (free untill 10.000/day ) Project available at https://www.uniguiexpress.com
  4. == Eng-INT uniGui Does YouTube Player via API A simple example demonstrating how to use Youtube InFrame play but with itssimplest API to just control the video playback. More commands can be easily adapted for use in uniGUI using their controls natively. == PT-BR uniGui Does YouTube Player via API Um exemplo simples demonstrando como usar o Youtube mas com a sua API mais simples para apenas controlar a reprodução do video. Mais comando podem ser facilmente adaptados para uso no uniGUI usando nativamente os seus controles. More info. at https://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/
  5. Hi all, im new to UNIGUI Can anyone provide a sample of how does Unigui client call API/web services with parameters and read the returned JSON data list and display in grid ? thank you
  6. I want to build an application that have a TreeView and when user selects an item, it shows some information on a DBMemo. I want to build a functionality that when user requests the application with a parameter like ?ajax=1&id=1234 the application would send just the text from the selected row in database, but not the entire web application, like a webservice API. Is that possible?
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