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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all my friends I need your help for a problem that is actually quite simple but is beyond my ability to re-solve as I have already spent a lot of time finding the solution. This project shows how to use Emoji (emojionearea LIB) directly on uniGUI controls. The problem is that it misaligns the position of the unigui controls and the original HTML is no problem. Another problem is that I can't point the Emoji to another control as per the LIB documentation. The problem is certainly in the CSS because if I remove it from the server module settings it will repeat in the HTML code in the same way as with the uniGUI controls. I was not able to use LayOutconfig and other techniques to adapt this CSS to unigui controls. Any suggestion ? Another detail. Note that I am associating the plugin with the control in ShowForm but is there not a more correct way to do this using the ExtEvents of the control? thanks for listening. PS: This example is to be published in the CodeSamples area. GitHub: https://github.com/mervick/emojionearea/tree/version2?spm=a2c6h.14275010.0.0.40ba5fa3mOqFHn Exemplo: https://jsfiddle.net/1v03Lqnu/?spm=a2c6h.14275010.0.0.40ba5fa3fqfLqQ Página Original: https://developer.aliyun.com/mirror/npm/package/emojionearea/v/3.4.2 Project available at https://www.uniguiexpress.com
  2. Hi All! Ext.ux.plugin.BadgeText How to use? 1. Download the file BadgeText.js from here: https://github.com/Certun/Ext.ux.plugin.BadgeText/blob/master/BadgeText.js and copy to the directory /files/ 2. Add CustomFiles in UniServerModule: files/BadgeText.js 3. UniButton1 -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents add beforeInit function function beforeInit(sender) { sender.action = 'badgetext'; sender.plugins = [ { ptype:'badgetext', defaultText: 10, disableOpacity:1, disableBg: 'green', align:'right' } ]; } Use For example: procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject);var bJSName: string; begin bJSName := (Sender as TUniButton).JSName; UniSession.AddJS(bJSName + '.setBadgeText(' + bJSName + '.getBadgeText() + 1);'); end; source: https://github.com/Certun/Ext.ux.plugin.BadgeText demos and more config: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/4dc is another similar plugin... https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/2ar Best regards.
  3. Hi All! PageSize Extension for UniDBGrid: How to use? 1. Download the file from here https://github.com/loiane/extjs4-ux-paging-toolbar-resizer/blob/master/ux/PagingToolbarResizer.js and copy to the directory /files/ 2. Add CustomFiles in UniServerModule: files/PagingToolbarResizer.js 3. Add beforerender function in UniDBGrid: function beforerender(sender, eOpts) { if (sender.pagingBar) { sender.pagingBar.hide(); sender.pagingBar.border = "0 none"; sender.pagingBar.destroy(); sender.addDocked( {dock: 'bottom', items: [Ext.create('Ext.PagingToolbar', { pageSize: sender.store.pageSize, store: sender.store, displayInfo: true, plugins: Ext.create('Ext.ux.PagingToolbarResizer',{displayText: 'Records per Page', options : [ 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ]}) })] }); } } http://loianegroner.com/extjs/examples/extjs4-ux-paging-toolbar-resizer/ Sincerely.
  4. Hi! This is a masked input plugin for the jQuery javascript library. (Hayri Aslan more professionally implemented this feature: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4475-uniexclusive/) Source and usage: http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/ Demo: http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/#demo Simple example of use (eg with component UniEdit): 1. It is necessary to download the two files and include in your project 1. jquery 2. jquery.maskedinput.min.js 2. 1. UniEdit1.Text := ''; 2. UniEdit1 -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> add function beforeInit: function beforeInit(sender) { Ext.onReady( function () { $("#"+sender.id+"-inputEl").mask("99/99/9999"); }); } Best regards.
  5. Hello everybody! A Microsoft Excel grid plugin for Ext JS 4: http://www.lukehorvat.com/blog/excel-grid-plugin-for-ext-js-4/ https://gist.github.com/lukehorvat/5607821/raw/6fe2113b4946b36e8bcdf10a3904560ef9a00758/excel-grid-plugin.js How to use? 1. Download and paste the file in the directory ... \ files 2. UniServerModule> CustomFiles> files/excel-grid-plugin.js 3. UniDBGrid1> UniEvents> OnBeforeInit> function OnBeforeInit (sender) { sender.plugins = [{ptype: 'excelcellediting', clicksToEdit: 2}]; } Best Regards
  6. Sorry but every time the forum software only allow me upload 120kbytes. Download from https://t.me/uniguiexpress Not planning future uploads for now. Tired of this because it never get solved ! See picture below.
  7. Back on tracks ! This examples shows how to create "on-the-fly" a QrCode for on-line use. Very useful for products access , info. etc... The main and innovative difference to uniGUI community is that only uses a very small and practical JavaScript Lib to create a QrCode image associated to an uniCanvas that can be placed in position on your screen. Size and content is very easy to adjust. See code sample. As always you can download from https://t.me/uniguiexpress See Channel files... Or you may visit http://www.unigui.com.br and see other code packages and products. Project available at https://unigui.express
  8. Hi. Does anyone know a way to put unigui form in a DLL and call it from main application? I managed to build sample with exe calling dll and kinda creating unigui form but it fires exception "invalid property path MonitoredKeys.Keys" Thanks. UniGUI_DLLTest.zip
  9. Hi Farshad. How to make grouping with a plugin like this: http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-3.3.1/examples/grid/ColumnHeaderGroup.html ? Possible to implement it? Thanks.
  10. Hi All! Maybe someone is interested in the implementation of this plugin with UniGUI ... http://www.sequelsphere.com/extjs-sqlstore/ Sincerely
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