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Found 9 results

  1. Hola, soy completamente nuevo con UNIGUI y en el desarrollo web, (vengo de Delphi 6 !!!). Una cosa muy molesta cuando desarrollo mi aplicacion con UNIGUI es que los captions de los paneles, botones, labels... son seleccionables, el cursor pasa a modo editor y se puede seleccionar su texto, no quiero que eso se pueda hacer pero... ¿cómo lo evito? Gracias😅
  2. A simple example, but a lot of work: support the use of Emoji directly in edits for chats and other programs aimed at social interactivity. This is an example to be used with only an edit control (or dbEdit) but that does not create a problem with Ext.JS CSS. Other libraries I tested worked better but created incompatibility in the interface that I was unable to solve. Visit http://www.unigui.com.br to purchase books, packs of projects for unigui and several other resources and services. Soon our website http://www.uniguiexpress.com (in English) will be live. Meanwhile, English
  3. Hello to all, perhaps may be of interest. I did some testing with CSS. This is the result. testcss.txt 1) Add css to CustomCss Sever module 2) Create Event OnBeforerender for the TuniguiGroupBox function OnBeforerender(sender) { sender.addCls('boxTondo') ; } For more Info : http://www.html5today.it/tutorial/angoli-arrotondati-borderradius-css3 http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-background/#border-radius endera.heroku.com/examples/rounding Have fun . best regards This is just an idea.
  4. Need to have additional buttons in Edit, SpinEdit etc. Like Triggers in ComboEdit. Is it possible? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm new enthusiast uniGui (complete) customer Great job! My question: I have a dbgrid with 3 columns. eg: Prod.ID | Description | Quantity Can I directly edit the quantity using somethilng like unimspinner component? I mean without invoke the editor for the whole row but directly on the grid cell? Thank you Marco
  6. Fala galera firme?? tava com meu projeto funcionando de boas... de repente do nada começou falhar o logon do usuário. Nesse caso descobri que o unigui não está recebendo o Text no UniEdit corretamente.... não sei mais o que fazer, tentei de tudo ja.... basicamente o que faço é.... deixar o edit com propriedade text preenchida aleatoreamente "roberto", executo o programa e no button eu coloco um showmessage do Uniedit1.text quando clico sem alterar o text.. ele vai mostrar roberto corretamente, mas se vc apagar o text e escrever qualquer coisa, ele vai continuar mostrando 'roberto
  7. Is it possible to edit a grid cell when entering a value? Today to edit the user has to enter enter and then type! I would like to edit the cell without typing enter! Thansks Zanona
  8. How to change TUniedit color border when clicking button? Thanks Zanona
  9. Hi, Is it possible for dbgrid row editing to hide some edit cells when dbclick on row. Now when i load dataset before showing form I hide first three columns. (some id columns). Then When I dbclick on row it begins showing cells for those hidden columns.
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