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  1. 3 hours ago, Mohammed Nasman said:


    I have used many windows VPS with similar price range as Contabo, but to be honest, I cancelled all of them, and will use only Contabo, they have one of the best price/value plans for windows.


    I have subscribed to their VPS service two weeks ago and so far, there are no issues with their services and product. The speed is comparable, maybe even slightly faster than my existing VPS even though they are halfway around the world.

    As you mentioned, their price/value plans are exceptional.

  2. I am in contact with Contabo's customer support to determine if I can use their VPS services.

    One of my concerns is the speed in which the interface of my UniGUI applications are shown to users. It has to be as fast as possible. Contabo has provided two IP addresses for me to check the latency. 

    Using Ping Plotter, the round trip times to access Contabo's IP addresses are about 25 times slower than my current VPS. 

    Should I be concerned about this as far as hosting UniGUI apps are concerned?

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  3. 7 hours ago, Sherzod said:

    // open file button UniSession.AddJS (UniPDFFrame1.JSName + '.iframe.contentWindow.document.' + 'getElementById ("openFile").style.display = "none"'); UniSession.AddJS (UniPDFFrame1.JSName + '.iframe.contentWindow.document.' + 'getElementById ("secondaryOpenFile").style.display = "none"');

    Hi Sherzod,

    When I added the above code in the OnShow event of the form to hide the "Open File" menu, I received the following Ajax error message:-

     OFB=new Ext.window.Window({id:"OFB_id",retfalse:{},onEsc:Ext.emptyFn,layout:"fit",title:"Print Reports",modal:true,closeToolText:"",maximizable:false,minimizable:false,resizable:false,iconCls:"x-uni-icon-contain",uniFMask:{beforeclose:true},width:977,height:711,x:451,y:129});OFB.nm="OFB";_cdo_("frmReports");frmReports.ajxS=AjaxSuccess;frmReports.ajxF=AjaxFailure;OFB.rootObj=true;frmReports.appRoot="/";_cdo_(null,OFB,"window",frmReports); O103=new Ext.form.Panel({id:"O103_id",border:false,uActive:false,tabItems:new Ext.util.MixedCollection(),layout:"absolute"});O103.nm="O103";_cdo_(null,O103,"form",frmReports);OFB.add(O103); O10B=(function(P0){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"beforeclose");});O10B.nm="O10B";OFB.on("beforeclose",O10B); O10C=(function(P0){_saf_(P0);return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"activate");});O10C.nm="O10C";OFB.on("activate",O10C); O10D=(function(P0){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"deactivate");});O10D.nm="O10D";OFB.on("deactivate",O10D);OFB.on("deactivate",function(f){_sdf_(f)}); O10E=new Ext.panel.iframe({id:"O10E_id",border:false,bodyBorder:false,layout:"absolute",ifName:"name_pdfFrame_O10E",items:[{xtype:"component",width:"100%",height:"100%",autoEl: {tag:"iframe",onload:"iframe_load('O10E_id')",name:"name_pdfFrame_O10E",title:"title_pdfFrame_O10E",src:"about:blank",frameborder:"0"}}],style:"border:none;",width:967,height:670,x:0,y:0});O10E.nm="O10E";_cdo_("pdfFrame",O10E,null,frmReports);O103.add([O10E]);uniVars._loginFrm=null;O103.keyprv=true; O116=(function(P0,P1,P2){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+"&w="+P1+"&h="+P2+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"resize");});O116.nm="O116";OFB.on("resize",O116); O117=(function(P0,P1,P2){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+"&x="+P1+"&y="+P2+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"move");});O117.nm="O117";OFB.on("move",O117); O118=(function(P0){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"maximize");});O118.nm="O118";OFB.on("maximize",O118); O119=(function(P0){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"minimize");});O119.nm="O119";OFB.on("minimize",O119); O11A=(function(P0){return Ext.xR("this="+P0.nm+""+_gv_(O103),OFB,"restore");});O11A.nm="O11A";OFB.on("restore",O11A);OFB.show("");OFB.retfalse.beforeclose=1;_axy_(OFB);OFB.uniMask={ldMask:false,maskWaitData:false,maskUseMsg:true};OFB.uniMask.targetObj=null;O10E.iframe.contentWindow.document.getElementById ("openFile").style.display = "none";O10E.iframe.contentWindow.document.getElementById ("secondaryOpenFile").style.display = "none";O10E.initIFrame();O10E.setUrl("/uni-");

    The browser is Opera and I am using Windows 10 Professional x 64.

    I have not tested the other JS calls.

  4. I use the above component to display my PDF files and I would like to move or hide some menu options for better clarity and reduced ambiguity.

    1)   How do I move the "Go To First Page" and "Go To Last Page" menus to next to the other page positioning menus? It is a logical place for them to be.

    2)   What is the purpose of the "Open File" menu and can it be hidden?

    3)   What is the purpose of the "Current View" menu and can it be hidden?

    4)   Can the "Document Properties" menu be hidden?

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  5. I am answering this topic myself for the benefit of users who may have a similar question.

    In the IIS manager, the basic setting of the application contains an alias field. In my case, it is "hello". If my application's name is xyz.dll, calling up the application locally will require me to type the following URL in the web browser:-

    localhost/<alias>/xyz.dll where <alias> is hello.

    If I do not want to type xyz.dll each time, I can add xyz.dll as a default document of the application. My URL will then be:-


    If you are calling the application over the Internet, replace "localhost" with the IP address or domain name of the host. If over a network, replace "localhost" with the network address of the host.

  6. 12 hours ago, mhmda said:

    VPS mean shared resources with other users.

    We use contabo services for years and recently we purchased a dedicated server with 500 GB SSD and 4 TB secondary H.D we also purchased a RAID hardawre to backup primary SSD at real time in case of failure. We backup our customer data (DB & files) to FTP from contabo and we also backup data to Amazaon s3 account using CloudBerry application.

    These are quite impressive specifications and I hope to be able to have them in the future but for now, with zero UniGUI production applications (and I am still stuck deploying my first test UniGUI application), it will be hard sell to convince finance to approve a budget for your hardware setup.

    May I assume that you do not use Contabo's VPS services but are satisfied with their customer service and other products?

  7. I am deploying my application with HyperServer ISAPI in IIS 10 and the physical directory is C:\UNGAPPS. When typing http://localhost/hello.dll from the web browser, why does the browser select the wrong physical path and return a 404 error? I have followed the instructions from the developers' manual. 

    IIS displays the default page when I type http://localhost.

    (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition

    Error 404.png

  8. I am using IIS 8 in Windows Server 2012 R2 and plan to run my UniGUI applications (built with runtime packages) with the HyperServer ISAPI option.

    The UniGUI runtime files are installed to the default directories and I have created a directory called C:\MYAPPS and copied relevant Delphi and all UniGUI's BPL files there together with Hyper_server.dll, Hyper_server.cfg and my application Hello.exe. I have renamed Hyper_server.* to Hello.*.

    Later, when I have report files, I will copy them there as well.

    Is this the correct and recommended way to run the UniGUI application by placing all the files in the same directory?

    I am thinking of creating directories as follows but I do not know if UniGUi would like it or not:-

    C:\RUNTIME (For Delphi and UniGUI BPL files)
    C:\MYAPPS\APP1 (Contains Hyperserver files and files for App1)
    C:\MYAPPS\APP2 (Contains Hyperserver files and files for App2)

    Is this a workable alternative and if yes, do I need to set paths so that the apps will know where to find the runtime files?

    (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition

  9. I currently use a VPS running Windows Server 2012 R2 that is suppose to use SSD for their storage. However, I find that the speed of starting an application via a RDC to be slow. It is in fact, even slower than my computer with non-SSD drives.

    It could be that it has 2 GB of RAM and half of it is in use but it still has 22 GB of disk space remaining and swapping to and reading from a SSD disk should still be faster than my computer.

    I see that Contabo is mentioned here as a reliable hosting provider.

    If you are using it, how do you find Contabo's customer service, reliability and speed for hosting your UniGUI applications or have you moved on to something better? I am looking at their Contabo VPS S SSD service with the Windows Server 2016 DataCenter option.


  10. 1 hour ago, Sherzod said:


    Can you try this workaround?

    procedure TMainForm.CloseMyForm2(Sender : TComponent; AResult : Integer);
       // UniEdit1.Setfocus;
       //grdGrid.JSInterface.JSCallDefer('focus', [False], 100);
       with grdGrid do
         JSInterface.JSCall('getNavigationModel().setPosition', [CurrRow, CurrCol]);


    Thank you. This code solves the issue.

  11. I have versions 1, 2 and 3 of an application and they all sit in the same folder but have different DLL names like APP1.DLL, APP2.DLL and APP3.DLL.

    Each user has an application version associated with him/her. When they login, I want to be able to call the URL of the relevant version of the application. Assuming that the applications are run from IIS with a domain name of "mydomain.com", how do I do this?

    (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition

  12. I currently use Uni_Sencha for my theme but the problem is that it changes the heights of my TUniDBEdit and other controls at runtime. This means that what I see at design time is not the same as runtime. If I use Uni_Classic, the controls at runtime are the same as design time. However, the appearance is shall we say, classic.

    Is it possible for me to copy the Uni_Sencha theme to MyTheme, set the heights of the controls to that at design time and use it in UniGUI?

    If yes, how should I approach the amendment and application process?

    If no, are there any other themes in UniGUI that do not change the widths and heights of controls like Uni_Classic but look better than it?

    (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition