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  1. When a TUniButton is set to disabled under the Uni_Flat_Black theme, the caption cannot be seen. How can I fix this? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  2. The above controls do not seem to have a way for the caption to appear to the left of the circle or square graphic. Is there a way to do this per the attached image? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  3. I have a grid containing records. After I click an Add button, it calls up a second form where I append records. After closing the second form, the focus is suppose to jump from the button to the grid. For some reason, the grid.setfocus does not work and the focus remains on the Add button. Why?! -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition cannot focus to grid.mp4
  4. My TUniButton has an OnClick event that focuses to the grid when clicked. For some reason, when the dataset is empty, the focus remains on the button when it is clicked. I have to manually click the grid to set focus to it. The focus correctly changes to the grid if the dataset has records. Why does this happen? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition focusgrid.mp4
  5. Frederick

    Form Tag Not Set?

    I may be missing something obvious here. In the main form, I call a second application form using: aGlobalvar:=234; // This is a global variable frmSecond.Tag:=123; frmSecond.ShowModal; In the second form's OnShow event, I have the following code: showmessage(IntToStr(self.tag)+', '+IntToStr(aGlobalvar)); Why does ShowMessage show a blank text, not even the comma separator? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  6. Frederick

    Form Tag Not Set?

    Ok, thanks.
  7. Frederick

    Form Tag Not Set?

    The problem is I am using the UNI_FLAT_BLACK theme and the ShowMessage() and MessageDlg() text are showing white on white and the text, although present, cannot be seen. Please see attached image. What can be done about this?
  8. I use the following JS code in the AfterRender event of the ClientEvents.ExtEvents property do put slash delimiters for the date entry:- function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { $("#"+sender.inputEl.id).inputmask("99/99/9999",{placeholder:"dd/mm/yyyy"}); } In the OnChange event of the TUniDateTimePicker, I display the text property of the control and unless I enter a full valid date, the value displayed is always 30/12/1899. So, entering 01/10/19 to represent 1st October 2019 will still be invalid. Only 01/10/2019 will be valid. How do I get the actual text entered in the control so that I can change the 01/10/19 entry to 01/10/2019 in code? P.S. As an enhancement request, I would like TUniDateTimePicker and TUniDBDateTimePicker to have a delimiter property so that using JS code for this purpose is not necessary. These two controls already have a DateFormat property and it could be used to obtain the delimiters to use. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  9. In Delphi, the menu design dialogue shows the menu captions right padded with spaces so that it does not appear cramped. When the application is run, the captions are trimmed and look congested. How do I right pad the menu captions with spaces? I tried adding spaces when in design mode but during runtime, the spaces are removed. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  10. Frederick

    How To Right Pad The Captions Of Menu Items With Spaces?

    It is more for aesthetic purposes. Thanks for your solution. It works nicely.
  11. I have a TUniStatusBar on a form and I change the font.color property to clWhite from clWindowText. I run the project and the captions of panels are displayed in white accordingly. After I close Delphi and re-open the project, the font.color changes back to clWindowText. Is this a problem with UniGUI or Delphi? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  12. Frederick

    How To Right Pad The Captions Of Menu Items With Spaces?

    The arrow is meant to point at the entire menu item. I need to right pad the caption so that "Some Description..." becomes "Some Description... ".
  13. Is there a way to auto drop down a sub-menu of a top menu item for the TUniMainMenu? Interestingly, hovering the mouse cursor over a sub-menu will auto expand its sub sub-menu items. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  14. I would like to select all text in a TUniDateTimePicker in the OnEnter event. How do I do this since TUniDateTimePicker(Sender).SelectAll is not a valid method? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  15. Frederick

    Adding Second DB Record Results In Blank Record Shown

    Thank you. It is working as expected now.
  16. I use PostgreSQL as my database backend and in my application, I allow the user to add records continuously until they decide to stop. When the form is shown for the first time after the add request is initiated, a procedure called AddRecord is called and it contains the following code. procedure TMainForm.AddRecord; begin oQry.Append; oQry.FieldByName('code').AsString:='*CODE'; oQry.FieldByName('name').AsString:='Name'; oQry.FieldByName('pricemonth').AsFloat:=0.00; oQry.FieldByName('priceyear').AsFloat:=0.00; oQry.FieldByName('priceonetime').AsFloat:=0.00; oQry.FieldByName('priceupdate').AsFloat:=0.00; end; Once the user clicks the Save button, the following code is called. procedure TMainForm.SaveRecord; begin oQry.Post; addrecord; Field1.Setfocus; end; and the cycle repeats. In a VCL application, as the first and second records are appended, you can see all the field content in the TDBGrid on the left, as well as in the individual TDBEdit components. In a UniGUI application, the record content for the first append is shown normally in the TUniGrid and the TUniDBEdit components. However, after the Save button is clicked, the second append results in blank content as shown in the TUniGrid and TUniDBEdit components. Why is this? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  17. I have a PDF file (PDFAFPRINT.PDF) that is loaded into TUniPDFFrame. PDFB4PRINT.PNG shows the screenshot. After I click the print button, extra text appears in the output file. See PDFAFPRINT.PNG for the screenshot. Why does this happen? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition pdfafprint.pdf
  18. It seems that the link from your web site to the support portal is busted. Clicking on it results in nothing happening. I have sent the support request to the support email address but it will be a problem checking on the statuses since the support portal is not accessible. I have also sent a support request asking that the support portal be linked from the customer portal so that a double login is not required.
  19. Hi Sherzod, The "Headers and footers" option does not appear if the page dimension is not set to custom size. Is this expected behaviour? When a page has a custom size, the headers and footers option is turned on by default the first time the report is printed. If I turn it off, it will always be turned off in subsequent printing of the report. Can this option be turned off by default?
  20. I am in contact with Contabo's customer support to determine if I can use their VPS services. One of my concerns is the speed in which the interface of my UniGUI applications are shown to users. It has to be as fast as possible. Contabo has provided two IP addresses for me to check the latency. Using Ping Plotter, the round trip times to access Contabo's IP addresses are about 25 times slower than my current VPS. Should I be concerned about this as far as hosting UniGUI apps are concerned? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition