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  1. There is an issue with UniDBGrid when user clicks on first row. First BeforeScroll event of Dataset occurs, then AfterScroll event happens. Again BeforeScroll happens but AfterScroll does not happen. This cause some issues, as I close some dataset on beforescroll and open them afterscroll. Steps to reproduce: Click on a row in grid other than First row Now, Click on first row Before scroll event happens After scroll event happens Before scroll event happens The issue is After scroll event does not happen after second Beforescro
  2. Hi, I noticed some Google analytic cookies are stored without setting any configuration. See attached image. I need to remove this unwanted Google Analytics tracking as our user will not benefit from it. I know there are some methods like below to do this, but want to remove or disable it in Unigui. https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gtagjs/user-opt-out Unigui: Uni1.10.x.x No third party component is used, except the one that are included in Unigui. In short, I have two questions: 1) Why google analytics cookies are there? 2) How google analyti
  3. Hi, I am creating an accordion style menu using panel. I can have multiple panels with title bar. Inside each I can have multiple buttons. Therefore, it needs to be scroll-able. I used UniSimplePanel with AutoScroll set to true. The issue is that UniSimplePanel shows an empty title bar. I dont need this extra title bar (See attached image and Project). My question is, is there a way to remove title bar from UniSimplePanel? Alternatively, is there a way to make UniPanel scroll-able? Unigui: Thanks. ScrollableAccordionLayout.zip
  4. Thank you. This is better. It worked OK on Big themes. In Classic or Gray the trigger button shows up now (which is good) but has no border and it looks like it is not part of input. I did below changes and added a single dot image as background. Looks good to me on all themes now. .x-form-mylookup-trigger{ position:relative; background-image:url("../images/form/trigger-dot-bg.png") !important; background-repeat: repeat; display:table-cell; padding-top: 1px; line-height: 1.5; border: 1px double gray!important; } .x-form-mylookup-trigger:before{ font-family: FontAwesome; cont
  5. The below custom css is added to project and trigger item is set as follow: Triggers.Items[1].IconCls := 'x-form-mylookup-trigger'; .x-form-mylookup-trigger{position:relative;} .x-form-mylookup-trigger:before{font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f0C9";}
  6. Hi, I need one of icons in fontawsome to be displayed in UniDBLookup trigger. I tried following two approaches and for both approaches icon looks Ok on TRITON theme. The issue is with other themes and icon is not displaying correctly on them (Ex. Nepton, Gray). Try1: Setting Lookup.Triggers->IconCls := 'x-fa fa-bars'; Try2: using custom css .x-form-mylookup-trigger{position:relative;} .x-form-mylookup-trigger:before{font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f0C9";} See attached image for output. So, what is the proper way to use fontawsome in UniDBLookup triggers? Than
  7. That works. But I will need to add it to all grids with readonly dataset... procedure TUniDBNavigator.EditingChanged; var CanModify: Boolean; begin if IsDestroying then Exit; CanModify := Enabled and FDataLink.Active and FDataLink.DataSet.CanModify; Buttons[nbInsert].Enabled := CanModify; Buttons[nbEdit].Enabled := CanModify and not FDataLink.Editing; Buttons[nbPost].Enabled := CanModify and FDataLink.Editing; Buttons[nbCancel].Enabled := CanModify and FDataLink.Editing; Buttons[nbRefresh].Enabled := CanModify; end; I see in UniDBNavigator.pas , it is enabled based on 'Ena
  8. Hi, UniDBNavigator refresh button is disabled when DataSet is read-only. I have read-only dataset. For different reasons user need to click on REFRESH button of UNIDBNAVIGATOR which is referencing to this read-only dataset. Is there a way to make Refresh button active for read-only data-set? Thanks.
  9. I have the same above request and need to support RESTful requests. To avoid asking client to install two services on two different ports, I need to merge a RESTful service with Unigui. I know there is a HTTPCommand on Server module. Answering requests in this function will block other requests as the process can be time consuming. Creating threads and managing them can be one way to handle it, but will need good effort. Does/will Unigui support handling Rest?
  10. Hi, I couldn't find zoom-in, zoom-out and reset-zoom in TUniChart. Could you please add these three features? Thanks.
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