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  1. Hello, it's this but i want to move the form on the other screen, it must be like a new window
  2. Hello, I've a problem : In my form Mainform (parent) , i click a button to make a showmodal form (child). I want now to have access to the child and his parent. so i just show the child and make it 'fsStayOnTop'. it's ok. But now i want to move this form on my other screen. My MainForm must communicate to the child and the child to his parent. I see your sample "Demos\Desktop\HTTP Post Callback - Browser Window". But in this, a html page is calling. i want to do the same but with a form. Is it possible ? How can I do this ? Than
  3. it's not the file name the problem. if i rename my file in "toto.zip", it's the same problem Maybe apach serveur ? I put LimitRequestBody 314572800 (300Mo) This morning i could upload one time my file (on about 20 try ...). memory on my serveur increase but stay at 50%. It's not this. it's only on big files. I use your TUniFileUploadButton
  4. hi, For sample : GitHubDesktopSetup.zip but it doesn't work with other files like this
  5. Hi, I'm using runtime v1.90.0.1531. hyperserver v1.90.0.1513 I tried to upload files and when file size is > 280 Mo i got this error : submitFile(): expected expression, got '<' Can someone help me please ? Thank you, Didier
  6. Hello, How can we have the options for having checkselect/multiselect. i can't set to true thank you
  7. Hi, Yes it works But i must upload several files in the same time, so i must put your code in procedure TMainForm.UniFileUploadButton1MultiCompleted(Sender: TObject; AStream: TFileStream); begin (Sender as TUniFileUploadButton).JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.fileInputEl.dom.value=null;'); end; Thank you
  8. It doesn't work event OnCompleted work event OnMultiCompleted don't work
  9. yes it's after inserting the script The file is uploading but the progress bar stay the first time. i click sur cancel and after all is good, upload works
  10. I tried this way, but i get another error. I use your sample.
  11. Hi, I want to upload a file with a TuniFileUploadButton it works, but : i want to upload the SAME file just after -> nothing happen sample : uploadfile1 -> ok uploadfile1 -> nothing but uploadfile1 -> ok uploadfile2 -> ok uploadfile1 -> ok My customers must upload the same files several times, they have an option for where to put it in their library. All is good on firefox, the problem is only on Chrome I use the version I test your sample : FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\FileUpload -> same prob
  12. i just tried on Chrome and it works. But on firefox it doesn't work. version : 71.0 (64 bits) I use your example :"C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\FileUpload - Button"
  13. i tried it and it doesn't work. I try on your example in "C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\FileUpload - Button" too.
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