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    Our main concern for acquiring unigui is the possible disappearance of fmsoft. we are evaluating unigui, and I should like to congratulate fmsoft for their excellent work. our company will end up buying the "complete" version. within some time. I'm personally speaking in favor of fmsoft. I hope I'm not wrong. and I trust that if fmsoft ceases its activity, release the licenses. on the other hand, I also have to work from home and as I read in this forum without acquiring a second license I can continue to do so.
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    Questions & Answers

    good morning : ) We are thinking of buying a professional unigui license. We have the following questions, before beginning a great development using this tool. We are concerned about licensing and validation limitations. 1) Does the license never expire, and applications continue to run after the 1 year period expires? 2) If the FMSOFT company disappears, will existing applications continue to work? 3) If the company FMSOFT disappears, could I continue to develop applications using UNIGUI? 4) If the computer where I installed the license is damaged, can I install the license on a new computer? ( Even if FMSOFT no longer existed ? ) Thank you and sorry for these questions. My best greetings