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    I found cache folder with img files. Is the file name first 24 chars of the real field value?
  2. Pink-El


    Thank you I saw this demo. I can set some properties of the column and it starts to show image. It`s true. But in my case I need join values from the fields in the single field by html. Source code of the lib is hidden. How I can check it?
  3. Pink-El


    Idea is very sipmple Simple query Select idkey,text from mytable html query Select '<p>'||cast(idkey as varchar(10))||'</p><p>'||text||'</p>' as html_info from mytable I can use any html tag and grid will show it correctly. Very nice. Question was about image. I can use img tag but I need load pict from db filed not from file.
  4. Pink-El


    Can you give me example, please?
  5. Pink-El


    I found that I can to use html as a field`s value and grid`s column will show html result. Very good idea. I can prepare my custom view in query with html for the grid. How I can insert picture in this code from other field? Thank you
  6. Hello I can not find where is setting navigation keys in "nav" demo Tab\Shift tab, Enter\Shift enter and so on Thank you
  7. http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/extjs-build/examples/build/KitchenSink/ext-theme-neptune/#property-grid Is it possible impelemnt vertical grid where rows are columns? See pict Property grid like this Thank you
  8. I found that this effect takes place when browse scale is not 100%
  9. Hello TuniStatusBar does not realign with a main form. Will I need to write some code? Thank you Dmytro
  10. Pink-El


    Hello I have question about TUniLoginForm. Is it enough to add this form to the project or I`ll need to call this form directly from code? And what is the role of OnControlPanelLogin event in this case? Thank you Dmytro
  11. Hello How I can to insert some frames of the unigui application to the other web page? For example I need to make small frame with a grid and I need to use it in other sites something like RSS Good job Farshad. Fantastic progress Thank you Dmytro
  12. Hello, I am sorry but attachment is invalid. Can you upload again? Thank you Dmytro
  13. Hello, Does not work. Can you update? Dmytro
  14. Amen. Till 28 of september buy DE3 and get XE2,XE and so on.
  15. Do not make big wave while will not see price of XE3. X3 is not released yet. I think that nobody try to kill Delphi. Best way to kill Delphi - sale to Microsoft Dmytro
  16. Can you give me a link of new road map please?
  17. Now I'm not looking for absolution, Forgiveness for the things I do But before you come to any conclusions, Try walking in my shoes... Depeche Mode What about tomorow?
  18. Yes, you right but what about price and license? Second question it is source code. Dmytro
  19. I hope it will be soon. Because I like your idea and I have projects where I can use your framework. I have customers from one side and chief from other side and everybody expect some clear date when we can to start. I do not know what to answer.
  20. Hello, Have you any forecast about release? It was a lot of dates like "first part of 2012" and so. Can you say definitely please? We are ready to pay Idea is too sweet. Make a dicision! I know that is not so easy but we are good guys and ready to support. No offense Dmutro
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