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  1. Hi, is possible to change the height of a row ? and to change the width of a column dynamically so I can fit the columns with the hole unidbgrid wide ? thomething like this: http://examples.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0/examples/admin-dashboard/#searchresults under user results tab
  2. Hi dear developers, I need help with uniDBGrid recno is not valid error I search in the forum and didnt found anything I get this error when I do the Post to the table used in the grid the table has the primary key defined correctly. the table is a detail table and the master has the primary key too both tables has an identity field too I am using adoQuery on SQL Server express 2014 with delphi seattle datasouce1 = adoQuery1 -> master datasouce2 = adoQuery2 -> detail uniDBGrid1.datasource2 -> adoQuery2 adoQuery2.post -> got the recno is not
  3. Hi, how can I open a form from an css menu I am using a htmlframe but I dont know how to capture the selection clicked in the extevent for execute an action
  4. TUniForm( UniApplication.FindComponent(activeform.Text) as TUniForm ).close should works, but does not. but using it like this works fine: labtot := TUniLabel( UniApplication.FindComponent(activeform.Text) as TUniForm ).FindComponent( 'UniLabel1' ) as tunilabel ; labtot.Caption := inttostr(dsToolB.DataSet.RecordCount) + ' Records';
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