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Launch URI Activities from UniGui Mobile app


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Hi, All


I was wondering how can make things like phone calls or send sms via UniGui mobile app?


For example: mailto, smsto, tel. etc


I want to use them with TUniButton not a TUniLabel as a link, the application will be displayed on a TWebBrowser fmx component.


I have seen examples like: <a href="mailto:xasd@asda.com">Mail Me a> or something like that I am not too good with HTML


But I want to do the same with TUniButton not just links, also I tried testing tel:xxxxxxxxxx from chrome browser on android but it only showed the phone dialer without auto dialing the number. It was said that I will have to enable permissions of Phone_Call for that to work. But how can i do this in UniGui Mobile app.


I need the simplest way to do so. I mean does UniGui has somewhere a method to execute URIs or something similar.


Thanks in advance


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