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Architectural considerations and questions?


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Architectural  considerations and questions?


First,I´m  a beginner in unigui,so I´m allowed to say stupid thing,and have silly doubts.


I have seen really fast uniGUI applications like the samples,and also the Falcons Soft Financeiro,but since I have promoted uniGUI in Brazil very much.

 I have seen two not so fast ones also(not in production ,just people asking for help) ,in my opinion propably due to not understanding how na Ajax application work,e fact that they´re probably using the trial version .



Also I have seen many different architectural and coding styles here in the forums, So since I´m always looking for performance, user experience improvement and also some scalability.


So, first one have to understand what kind of software he wants to do with uniGUI, in my caseTailored not multitenant ERP, the vast majority of times I´ll try to convince my costumers to host the Dll and the Database  in  internal servers.I really think that for Erp Market, the cloud is being over estimated, and that ERP never should be multi-tenant.

I really don´t like to write client side JavaScript code for some  reasons:Delphi code is easy to keep,to debug, less phrone to introduce bugs(Since the server side and the client side will be allways with the same state)   ,server side code is protected ,so I think we should threat clientside code as as exception,not a rule.


So here start the questions:


.By using only Delphi code,in a multi-user environment do you feel any kind of slowness?


At least I think client side code should almost never be used to make things faster,we allways should make things faster by using architectural solutions like using a VPN,hosting the Dll internally, load balancing, exclude Extjs library’s from the Anti-Virus software and so on, and of course applying all the best practices that are valid for Delphi and Sql it selves.

At least in the samples things are really fast, without using EXTJS code,since the samples seems to be in Ankara and I´m in São Paulo that´s really a good sign.

I prefer the style proposed by PerjanBr of a Desktop instead of using several tabs in a screen ,I like to see two screen opened at the same time,and I think the user will probably policy itself not to open too many tabs(although it could have be restricted),the two slown apps I´ve saw used tabs with hundreds of componentes and several master details relationships in a single tab .

So the question are :Should I disable the Ajax listeners when a Tab is not focused? or  a screen is minimezed?Does it have any advantage? just  folowing the rules stated here are enough:https://unigui.wikispaces.com/How+to+improve+loading+time

For me Unigui is hundreds of years ahead of solutions like DevExpress or Telerik where IDE is used mainly to drop components ,and you almost use only Client Side JavaScript to do things, they probably “scales beter”,stateless servers allways do, but I think scalability can be reached using load balance and should never come before user experience and even code maintanability.



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