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procedure UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand in curren thread context


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Already done event UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand

(ARequestInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo;       AResponseInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo; var Handled: Boolean);


But not in current threadcontext. In ServerModule no DataModule. Many applications which was already made on TWebModule and TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge will can be easy move to unigui by done HTTPCommand (Request Responce) in context of current session. 


For exapmle user put TUNIURLFrame on Uniform and ser url property to "localhost:8077/Loguser?a=1" On the uniform occer event with Request and Responce. User put html to Responce as in TWebModule and in URLFrame  pictured result.


Possible user TWebModule inheriteds with unigui as it used with TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge. It will be butifull!!!

Shortly speaking need current context Datamodule in event of UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand.

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