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Does UNIGUI support object Pooling?


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Dear Farshad,


        First of all, UNIGUI is an amazing product, appreciate your great effort.


        Because I'm going to develop RIA by unigui framework if it's possible, so recently, I took almost one week to browse the forum to get more details about UNIGUI.


        According to what I got,  high demand concurrent connection is the weak point of UNIGUI.  But load Balancer is a solution. It also can solve the memory limitation.


       Any other solution? This is what I'm going to ask you: Will UNIGUI support objects pooling for unidatamodule, uniform and etc? or has it already been supported?


       If that, UNIGUI app can become more reliable, robust and scalable.



Thanks for your time.

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Farshad, I'm here again.


Last topic is about pool, it is one way to improve app performance.


Here I have another question to ask you, Farshad.


is it's possible that UnIGUI output static html file containing Extjs script from uniform after design? as we all know static html is the fastest way communicate between client and Server and stateless. Server no need to keep any info on the memory.


if possible, then next question is may we using ajax event to CRUD data?


Actually EXTJS provide such framework/tool. In theory, I think is possible


please correct me if I'm wrong.


waiting for your answer, thanks

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