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You can use the Delphi Parser to convert the VCL objects to UniGUI.

You can download a free evaluation edition of the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard & assess the wizard on your own code to test for free if it works for you, before you pay.


This Delphi Parser is a generic wizard, with a fully customized  & expendable script.

This edition is built for migrating BDE objects to FireDAC, but it good for all kinds of migration - depending on the script you load to the wizard

All you need to do is replace the pre-built "BDE to FireDAC script" to a VCL to UniGUI script.

There is also an open source edition of the Delphi Parser with a developer's full kit library for total control over the migration process.


After you download the free evaluation wizard, please send me an email to oren@delphiparser.com & I will send you a sample of the  "VCL to UniGUI" migration script.


You won't believe your eyes how easy it can be, until you try it.




Best Regards,


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There is a lot of things to take in consideration,Delphi parser is a translator not a refactor tool,Am I right?

So,of course as close as both the base and the target architectures are closer,are better.

I myself never liked things like DevExpress,too much magic,It will probably be a nightmare to migrate it to another thing

than a new version DevExpress itself,It would take a lot of reengering.

Using Frames instead of forms in uniGUI,puting the querys in the form instead of the Data module, probably have its own advantages,but certainly not helps the life of the parser .

But if you come for something like JVCl OR Wool2wool and target to something like JAUD(my uniGUI example) the percentage of

imported code will probably much bigger.

When I´m going to migrate somebody elses system,I will probably use a mix of Delphi Parser,for the Data Acess components,and my proprietary tool for what takes reengenering.



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The Delphi Parser is more than a basic translator of one object to another. It can help you refactor your whole code base architecture - like from Client\Server to N-Tier.


Few years ago, before the era of FireDAc we have managed to build a process that takes all the BDE objects with hard coded queries builr into the DFMs & Pascal code itself & rebuild them into Midas based data module, based on WebServices with Stored Procedures, TClientDataSet , TDataSetProvider & ADO Objects. 


Currently we are working closely with Embarcadero to provide a general solution to migrate all those Client-Server based legacy applications to support to work with DataSnap & RAD Server.

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