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ISAPI loading error (again)

Luis Ribeiro

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Sorry backing again to an error that many have talked about on this forum, but after 3 days struggling with this I can't figure how to fix it.
I have the "ExtJS 4.1.1a" version installed on Delphi XE4, and the Apache server 2.2.1 (UwAmp) with the following configuration running on Windows 8 (firewall disabled).
<VirtualHost *:8077>
#UWAMP Generate Virtual Host
DocumentRoot "c:/out/"
ServerName "uni"
Alias "unialias" "c:/out"
<Directory "c:/out">
AllowOverride None
Options FollowSymLinks Indexes ExecCGI
Allow from all
Order allow,deny
I've installed the "fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.93.1.1000_setup.exe" on Delphi XE4, and
"fmsoft_unigui_extjs_0.93.0.996_setup.exe" in "c:\out" directory.
When I call "localhost:8077/SimpleDemo_XE2.dll" the browser stops with the message "Loading..." and nothing more happens.
The parameters on ServerModule are:
CacheFolder= (empty)
ServerRoot= (empty)
I don't know what more to do to fix this!
Any sugestions?


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Forget everything I wrote before...


For some reason I still don't understand, some demos that come with version not work correctly, such as "SimpleDemo_XE2" or "Dialogs" and for my bad luck were the ones who had tested.

Everything is working now.


Thanks for this great product Farshad!


Best Regards
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