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mfPage mode - mainform width and height


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When I use mfPage, I notice that the main form does not report correct height and width data upon browser resizing.


This apparently also affects the unicanvas.bitmapcanvas.cliprect values.


Any others having this issue?


Any way to get the right values for now? 



When using the mfWindow mode the values are pretty close, but not always.


But I have to use mfPage mode as I want to display some floating forms, without them getting closed when mainform has focus - as far as I know I then have to use mfPage - or??





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I found out about this issue.


It seems like OnScreenResize is triggered before the actual change in size of the form, at least in mfPage mode,

but the new form width and height given by the event parameters are correct - so I just store them and use them instead of checking clientwidth or formwidth at the point of updating the form or the canvas.


It could be nice to have an event that gets triggered after the size changes are made, so all values are correct on the time of updating the screen. No other event gets fired in mfPage mode. As it is now you cannot rely on clientwidth or form.width as the event is triggered, as those are updated a second later.



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