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[Design] UniLabel - UniEdit proper alignment


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Development Environment:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32bit

RAD Studio XE2 (c++ builder)

UniGUI 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93


In design mode is difficult to properly align a UniLabel with a UniEdit component. Here's why:


1) take a unilabel and a uniedit, drag them in an empty form. Hold down the uniedit with the mouse and try to align it to the label. "Alignment lines" (see picture uniledit1.png) will appear, to help me fit the component in the form. But unfortunately the result is not what i expected: i would like the two components to be aligned accordingly to the text inside them.


2) take the classics: tedit and tlabel. See tedit1.png. See the red line? That is perfect. No need to manually set the top property. :D



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