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development model proposal


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Mr. Farshad.


I know that uniGUI is in closed BETA.


We are working on commercial app and our main product is made in Delphi. Thats why we are looking on uniGUI instead of Sencha Architect.


But there are need of some bugfixes or implementations and we need it faster than Your general developement could deliver. So we have this proposal: we could sign some disclosure agreement and make this on our side. We have will and time, it could help to better understand the framework and moreover, it could fasten the development on both sides.


This is not proposal of taking any part of the development - we just want to access sources, make internal development and give You the results. We are counting with buying uniGUI final licence on its release.



Kind regards,

Jiri Holec

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Hi Farshad,


We are also looking at making a web version of our current payment platform. If we can sign some kind of NDA and have access to your source code to allow us to move forward by assisting your development efforts by way of bug fixes and enhancing some of the components especially the Grid component.


We are ready to buy licenses.




E. F. Ere

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