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Issue and Help with Panel Fixed in Mobiles


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Hi Farshad and all!


I'm need of assistance in a matter that I'm a few days ago trying to understand and find a solution.


I am sending a simple example attached with two UniPanels which CSS properties are assigned in afterrender event, where through the property "position: fixed", they are fixed at the bottom and top of the browser.

In the browsers on desktop, everything works perfectly, but testing on an iPad(iOS 5.1), the panels do not appear. I need to do the same example work on IPad/IPhone(iOS) and Android.


I studied several articles on "position: fixed" on mobiles. Before the release of iOS 5, was not supported by some reasons. But since the release of iOS 5, the property "position: fixed" is supported, as can be accessed at the links below in the IPad/IPhone, and work ok:






My question is why and what would be the solution to work properly on IPad/IPhone, where other examples without UniGui, the "position: fixed" is supported.


As I said earlier, this code example from my test project, I tried two different ways to assign the css, but neither worked.


Thank you very much for your help in this matter. I need that my "chat panels" in real project work too in mobile.


Best Regards!


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