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Render a Boolean field in Grid with CheckBox


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I know that one day, Farshad will add any available field editor/viewer to the grid.

But, for the moment it is not available.

What I do is simple, setting the 'renderer' properties of the field.

Here's what I do to make any Boolean field to be showed/rendered as CheckBox in the grid.


1. Set the Column Tag to 1, this is to mark that this column will be 'rendered' as CheckBox.

2. In the OnShow event of the form that contain the grid, put this code:

procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject);
var st,xcolheader:string;
 for i := 0 to j-1 do
   If UniDBGrid1.Columns[i].Tag=1 then
 st:='OnReconfigure=function OnReconfigure(sender, store, colModel) {'+
 'for(i=1;i<colModel.columns.length;i++) {'+
 'if ('+xcolheader+') {'+
 '   colModel.columns[i].renderer=function(v, p, record){'+
 '  p.css += " x-grid3-check-col-td";'+
 ' return ''<div class="x-grid3-check-col''+(v == ''1''?''-on'':'''')+''"> </div>'';}'+


I'm using Firebird, so the boolean value is 0 or 1....

if you are using other DB, then you can modify the v == ''1'' above to any value that you need for 'true' condition....


Hope this can help somebody that need it. Cheers....

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Thanks.It works on WEB application.


But doesn't work checked/unchecked clicking this field . :(


well, as I've said before, this is only for temporary solution with older version of uniGUI.

Since there's a new DBGrid Editor, I think you don't need my tips above.

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