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Message from: "Farshad Mohajeri"


Version can be downloaded from below link:




New components in this version:





This is 2nd build of version 0.84. According to feedback there will be

another update for this beta release.


- 0000717: Listbox change items at runtime

- 0000807: Changing the Style property of a TuniDBComboBox at runtime raises

an error

- 0000792: UniEdit: Runtime modification of CharCase property

- 0000813: Display Ajax Errors in a Memo inside a Dialog Window

- 0000835: Change UniURLFrame.Visible at runtime

- 0000624: Use "ux-all.css" and "ux-all.js" instead of separate ux js files

- 0000844: UniListBox: Size changes do not apply to inner list

- 0000842: UniListBox: DBlClick Event

- 0000837: ShowMessage in TUniFrame

- 0000840: DBGrid: Append error after open.

- 0000790: TUniCanvas Component

- 0000327: UniDBGrid: When BOF or EOF are on same page a full refresh is not


- 0000328: UniDBGrid: Scroll from "Last Record" to "EOF" refreshes whole


- 0000828: UniDBCheckBox: ValueChecked , ValueUnchecked properties

- 0000824: Prevent user from interaction with Upload Form after a successful


- 0000826: TUniDBLookupComboBox Field Property

- 0000829: [ExtPascal] UniTrackBar: Initial value is ignored

- 0000831: UniPanel: Width / Height is bigger when border<>ubsNone

- 0000830: ClientWidth and ClientHeight are not mapped correctly in webmode.

- 0000833: ServeModule: New property ExtLocale

- 0000834: UniDBCheckBox can not handle non-Boolean field types

- 0000794: UniDBCheckBox component

- 0000822: UniTreeView: Ptr parameter in TUniTreeNodes.AddNode() is ignored

in Web Mode

- 0000815: Text files containing Unicode chars are sent with wrong encoding

- 0000816: Some ModalResult values has no effect

- 0000810: UniDBGrid: Multiple insert/append in same event raises AJAX Error

- 0000814: DBGrid: Bug when multiple DataSet operations occur in same event

- 0000815: Text files containing Unicode chars are sent with wrong encoding

- 0000794: UniDBCheckBox component

- 0000808: Blank item in ComboBox drop list doesn't render properly

- 0000806: UniComboBox: Item conversion bug

- 0000801: Property to disable web server monitor

- 0000802: UniDBGrid: Property to disable arrow Key navigation

- 0000660: TUniScrollBox

- 0000800: AutoScroll property for UniForm

- 0000799: "&" char in UniDBText

- New Demo: PaintDemo

- New Demo: CanvasDemo



Farshad Mohajeri







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