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Hello Farshad!


More any points related about UniCalendarPanel as below:


1) Possible bug: Por example, if the current view of the UniCalendar is week and I change the date in UniDateTimePicker

for a day of another month and then change the view of UniCalendar to month, the month in UniCalendar remains the last and not the current month in the

selected date of the UniDateTimePicker.


2) Where i can translate the words ".. more" which appears when a certain day has several activities and too which can translate the phrase that appears in the vision day: "Monday, June 27, 2011" and the word Today in the calendar?

I tried to see the file ext-lang-pt_BR.js, but could not identify where translate.


3)There is the possibility to configure the size(width) of the window that shows the titles of the activities when the label is selected (+ 1 more ..)?


Tks for good work!

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you ll find the output string "more.." within \ext-3.3.0\examples\calendar\src\WeekEventRenderer.js; there you ll be able to change the output strings.


Bye the way, this information can be interessting for others as well:


How to change CalendarPanel to 24-hour format?



Change the file "ext-3.3.0\examples\calendar\calendar-all-patch.js"


and add the following code:


       applyTemplate : function (o) {
           this.today = new Date().clearTime();
           this.dayCount = this.dayCount || 1;
           var i = 0, days = [],
               dt = o.viewStart.clone(),
           for(; i<this.dayCount; i++){
               days[i] = dt.add(Date.DAY, i);

           times = [];
           dt = new Date().clearTime();
           for(i=0; i<24; i++){
               times.push(dt.format('G')); // changed - the previous value is 'ga'
                dt = dt.add(Date.HOUR, 1);
           return Ext.calendar.DayBodyTemplate.superclass.applyTemplate.call(this, {
               days: days,
               dayCount: days.length,
               times: times

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