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Sencha Touch Support


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The current only RAD solution for developing Touch web apps is currently using TMS iPhone components, the downsides:

1) one needs to use VCL for the Web (Intraweb)

2) those components work but cannot compete with Sencha Touch


Personally I think that Sencha Touch support is more urgent for UniGUI compared to ExtJS 4. Both are welcome of course, but if I could vote I would go for Touch first (if one must be beofre the other).


It is true that one can resize an uniGUI app to fit iPad or iPhone or anyother mobile device, but Sencha Touch is the tool to do the job, not Ext JS.


Since ExtPascal must support ExtJS 4.0 and Sencha Touch before uniGUI can do it, are there any deadline?


Of course I mean loose deadlines (I could say "Plans", but I prefer deadline).


In ExpPascal forums last year there were rumors that by half 2011 there would be Touch support, now it's half 2011 and it is not there.


May you give more info? ("will there be a Sencha Touch Support?", "if yes, may you give a range of dates"?)

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