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Error updating lookup fields with multiple fields in LookupKeyFields

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Hi, I have the following problem. When I want to modify in a form a Lookup field that has more than one field defined in LookupKeyFields (Ex: "Company; Agreement") the error "TableName: Field" Company; Agreement "not found" is generated. That error does not occur when there is a single field in LookupKeyFields. Any idea why this error occurs and how can I solve it? ... I have cases that I need to define 2 or more fields in LookupKeyFields and in the version of delphi 7 I worked correctly.

I am using Delphi 10.2 Tokyo with version of Unigui.


Thanks in advance

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Hi, thanks for the answer.

In this case I am not working with SQL but I have defined the permanent Lookup field within a TIBCTable component (I'm using Interbase tables).






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Hi, I add more information that I hope will clarify my problem.

The error "TableName: Field" Company; Agreement "not found" is generated when the Post is made, not when the information is displayed in the grid. And it appears in the case that I want to change the value of the Lookup field in the record.


I could also see that the Demo project "DBLookupCombo" works correctly but has a single key field in "KeyField". I attach an image of my project where you can see that both the property "KeyFields" and the property "LookupKeyFields" have 2 fields of the tables (in this case "Empresa;ObraSocial").



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