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  1. Any prevision? I have a customer waiting for this feature for more than 7 days and is charging me for a solution.
  2. Compile for Computer, you don't need to type anything, just click on the button, it will execute functions and block the process, leaving the fields in red. Do this same process with the mobile build. Click on the button, you will see that it won't do anything, because you didn't load the form tag indicated in the figures.
  3. I ended up being able to copy the files from the DCU64 folder to the DCU folder. But I believe it is not the best solution, since now I can only compile my projects in 64 bits.
  4. Good Morning!!! I made a card form for computer and cell phone and generated the same html code for both in a unihtmlframe and unimhtmlframe but on the computer it works, but on the cell phone it doesn't debugging the code I noticed a difference between the two pages computer form mobilie form in the second image, it's on the cell phone but the form doesn't appear even being loaded in html just like the computer what am I doing wrong?
  5. Apparently, there is no support in UNIGUI, even when you buy an original product.
  6. Good afternoon, I have a problem when compiling a project, I just installed unigui and this message appears when I compile the project in 64 bits: [dcc64 Fatal Error] ejc.dpr(35): F2048 Bad unit format: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Dcu\Delphi2020\uniGUIISAPI.dcu' - Expected version: 31.0, Windows Unicode(x64) Found version: 31.0, Windows Unicode(x86) what do i need to do to adjust this? Gratefull
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