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  1. LuizZamp

    Open forms dynamically

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way of opening forms by its ClassName dynamically. I have a table with a user's allowed routines and their forms. Actually I'm using something like this: procedure Openform(const DescForm: String; Parent : TWinControl); var FormClass : TUniFormClass; AForm : TUniForm; begin FormClass := TUniFormClass(FindClass(DescForm)); AForm := FormClass.Create.(UniApplication); AForm.Parent := Parent; AForm.Left := 0; AForm.Top := 0; AForm.Show(); end; But using this way, I have no way of controlling whether it is assgined or not, nor do I have the UniGUI memory controls. (I would like to use the IDE's own components for this). Is there any way that I can call those Forms like UniGUI dynamically calls his? I'm using uniGUI Version FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1524. (And I'm sorry for the English, in case I didn't express myself properly). Thanks.
  2. LuizZamp

    Stuck at Loading...

    Hi, The dll is Ok. I'm still trying to figure out what is happening. Maybe something about user permission or anything like that. I'm using the same structure of folders and files, and same installation process of the dll in both computers. When i find out the problem, I'm going to post here. Thanks for you answer.
  3. LuizZamp

    Stuck at Loading...

    I tried to change the version of the .dll file, also tried to reinstall all the files. At this moment, I'm receiving another kind of situation: index.dll: 00001344: 17:02:31 [SendCommand Error, Node: 0]:Read timed out. -> This when "waiting for host" happens
  4. LuizZamp

    Stuck at Loading...

    Actually, I just opened Apache Logs, and didn't find nothing. Then, when you said, I realized that there is a log folder inside application folder that I didn't open. Well, now I know what is causing my issue: myApp.exe: 000001D4: 15:27:13 []:EOleException : Unable to load dbexpsda40.dll (ErrorCode 193). It may be missing from the system path : Addr: $00000000011799D4 It's a .dll of dbexpress connection to Sql Server, that I'm using with Delphi XE8. Anyway, the .dll is installed and there is a copy on system32 and sysWow64 (automatically installed in both). A UniGUI application supports uses of .dll like this? Thanks for your answers!!
  5. LuizZamp

    Stuck at Loading...

    Hello, I'm having trouble with something like this. I'm running three applications at the same server, but, one of them does not work. It still "loading.." or "waiting for host", but never starts. The runtime package is installed and working fine for the other applications. My server runs Xampp/Apache, and HyperServer, pointing a especific port for each application. Inside the folder of the aplication that doesn't work, I have the .exe, the .cfg and the .dll, like the others, and its content for HyperServer is: [hyper_server] binary_name=myApp.exe initial_nodes=2 max_nodes=8 max_sessions=0 sessions_per_nodes=0 prompt_login=1 persistent_node_zero=0 port=8082 url_path= url_referer= ext_root=D:\FMSoftware\Framework\uniGUI\ext-6.7.0 uni_mobile_root=[unim]\ uni_root=D:\FMSoftware\Framework\uniGUI\uni- uni_packages_root=[unipack]\ max_requests=500 detailed_log=0 server_root= antiflood_per_ip=0 server_title= I tried to find a solution in forums, but no success. Am I missing something? I'm using FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_runtime_1.90.0.1520. (Installed on D:/ unit) Thanks a lot. (Detail : When I run this application on IDE as Debug or in my PC, using Xampp/Apache like the Server, it works normally, I'm having problem just on Server using runtime package)
  6. LuizZamp


    Olá! Resolvi o meu problema. Como a minha função que usava o MessageDlg estava em outra Unit, pude observar que as instruções do comando eram executadas somente após o retorno da minha função, que no caso retornando sempre "False". Isso se deve, acredito eu, por conta dos controles de Threads e etc. Existe uma propriedade no MainModule - EnableSyncronousOperations, que ao habilitar (true), passou a funcionar seguindo a ordem das instruções em minha função de fato. A chamada do MessageDlg, assim como mencionei acima, é sem passagem do CallBack : Att.
  7. LuizZamp


    Olá, esta conta a qual estou logado não é a mesma que fez a aquisição da licença, mas fiz o ajuste na conta principal. Att.
  8. LuizZamp


    Olá, também estou tendo o mesmo problema. Estou criando uma Unit "Library" que será acessada por diversos formulários distintos. Seu objetivo é fazer com que a MessageDlg seja chamada e seu retorno seja um Boolean, muito semelhante ao exemplo do nosso amigo. Por exemplo (função na Unit Library): function Conf(Message):Boolean; begin Result := False; if MessageDlg(Message, mtConfirmation, mbYesNo) = mrYes then Result := True else Result := False; end; Fiz alguns testes e observei que a Function MessageDlg retorna sempre um Integer = 0, independente do botão (sim ou não) pressionado. (OBS: Quando a função é chamada de diretamente do formulário, desde que a procedure CallBack esteja criada, seu funcionamento ocorre normalmente - Assim como nos exemplos/Demos). Minha versão do UniGUI é Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1519 e estou usando Delphi XE8.