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  1. Hello I use TUniMap to display markers, locate the user, etc ... Everything works fine. Using the Google APIs, I can retrieve the address corresponding to a latitute / longitude, and ask for the trip between 2 points. But how to display the route on the map and highlight the route? thank you in advance
  2. ch971

    TUniMap : How to draw directions

    Hello Hayri ASLAN Thank you for your reply This is what is happening now. I draw a line from the direction points using the vectors... but it's very ugly on the screen.. I would like to do what I can do with the competing components : highlight the route to follow, which is the standard and is much more beautiful on the screen. Thank you in advance
  3. ch971

    TUniMap : How to draw directions

    Hello I still do not find a solution to draw the directions as it is possible to do it on googlemap and on the other components delphi competitors ... Nobody knows ? Thank you in advance
  4. ch971

    TUniMap : How to draw directions

    Hello Thank you for your reply. I am testing the trial version currently on the site ( For the moment I think it's a very great product, and I only have to validate this last point (rendering direction on TUnimap) to make the decision to buy it. thank you in advance