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  1. elseif@live.cn Sorry about late response, was busy with work.
  2. Ok, control panel say it is Professional Edition v1.0.0.1397. This version comes already installed when the PC is formatted. It's an image they have already pre-built.
  3. It was already installed when I came here. I don't know.
  4. Development package edition v1.0.0.1397
  5. So, I have a customer that copy/paste info on the memo that a client of his always send to them whenever they want to buy something. Problem is, this info is separated by line breaks, and my client doesn't want it to. I saw a lot of techniques using event listeners and alikes but I couldn't figure out how to make it work with unigui. This is a js fiddle that I found (changed a bit) with exactly how I want my memo to behave. I don't know, nor did I found out, how to translate this to use in unigui and where/when to put it. My application is desktop based.
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