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  1. I can`t create test. It`s random error and I can`t understand what is depend on. It`s common form, common query, search field and grid with search result. I made clear installation on customer`s computer. Windows 7. I tried on desktop and on mobile devices. First 2-3 queries worked fine. Now error is all the time. I restarted application, restarted computer, tried other browser. Same error. No ideas.

    Sad Dmytro....


  2. No result. This solution is for mDBGrid, I am using mDBListGrid


      .custom64Glyph .x-icon-el {
       width: 64px !important;
       height: 64px !important;

    .x-gridcell .x-mgrid-cell .x-mgridcell {

        word-wrap: break-word;
        white-space: pre-wrap;


    .customItem .x-gridcell-body-el {
      white-space: normal;   


    function beforeInit(sender, config)
      config.itemConfig = {
            height: 50





  3. 1 minute ago, Sherzod said:

    Can you test on android?

    On a desktop mobile browser emulator? Are there any errors in the console?

    It was real Apply devises. Phone and Tablet. Desktop is working fine. 2 browsers. Google and Safari. Tomorrow I`ll provide full testing on all platforms.

  4. Hello,
    Answer is office@pidkova.biz. I updated my subscription some time ago. I had issue with installation new version. I wrote a lot of e-mail to support@fmsoft.net and I had robot answer only. Nobody solved my problem. I don`t know how is working support service now. Year ago was fine. I don`t know how I can get support now.



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  5. Hello,

    I found issue on mobile platform with UnimDBGrid onDrawColumnCell event. If event is empty, working fine. If I add some code, like

          if UniMainModule.xf_menu.FieldValues['QUANTITYBILL']>0 then

             Attribs.Color := $DFDFFF;

    Sometimes, redrawing is incorrect. See pics.



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