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  1. Hello, is there any way to capture invalid session and send a custom response to client? In my server i need to terminate some sessions that must not automatically reload to main page when I kill them, but I want that if I restart server, and invalid session occurs, all clients automatically reload. Thanks Jordi
  2. jmonty77

    change log?

    Thanks! But 1534 is equal to 1533. I don't know if I must upgrade in this case. But it will help!
  3. jmonty77

    change log?

    Hello, where to find if a new version is released and the change log? Sometimes I find new releases in customer portal, but I don't know if it is really worth having.
  4. jmonty77


    Hello, I would like to update content of currently visible sweetalert (Swal.update({ ...options }) And implement the "close" function, too. Thanks in advance! Jordi
  5. jmonty77


  6. jmonty77


    In carousel, I need to move to a new page by code. The server side funcion slides without animation. So, I've tried unimcar.JSInterface.JSCall('setActiveItem',[2, 'slide']); But it changes to new page without animation effect. Is there a way to animate this action? Thanks
  7. jmonty77

    Close a session

    I can only download trial version Is it ok? Which demo do you propose to learn?
  8. jmonty77

    Close a session

    I've this configuration. But talking about killing a session manually, it can be done? What does "SessionManager.Sessions.PurgeSessionById(SessionId)"? I 've not found documentation, but this terminates a session when i try in my development server. What situation can make that after calling this function, sessionid is still listed in session list forever?
  9. jmonty77

    Close a session

    In a local network, when I detect a new session with same IP of another one that already exists, i want to close this older one. I don't know from where came this older sessions, because my customer says that only one browser window is open at a time. And I see in logs that this sessions are not executing code anymore. They are listed, but cannot be freed. My server is in a local network where clients modify their IP periodically, if it helps.
  10. jmonty77

    Close a session

    Hello, what is the proper way of closing a session? I've tried: SessionManager.Sessions.PurgeSessionById(SessionId) session.uniapplication.terminate(''); session.Terminate() All this functions works in my developer server, but I've a production server where some sessions cannot be closed. After calling this functions, I see that the mainmodule is not destroyed and if I list the sessions, I still can see that session: for I := 0 to self.SessionManager.Sessions.SessionList.Count - 1 do self.SessionManager.Sessions.SessionList; .... I'm using an old version of unigui ( May be is it solved in current version? Thank you Jordi
  11. jmonty77

    Httpcommand writecontent

    Hello, I need to send the data inside a loop and instantly, not after exiting HTTPcommand function (mjpeg streaming) regards
  12. jmonty77

    Httpcommand writecontent

    Hello, I need to implement mjpeg streaming in HTTPcommand using AResponseInfo.WriteContent/AResponseInfo.WriteHeader, but AResponseInfo.fconnection is nil in my current UNIGUI version ( and this funcions crashes. Is this solved in latest builds? Thank you Jordi
  13. Please, add javascript events when menu items are clicked. Thank you Jordi
  14. Helllo, when filling and image with his "url" property, is not possible to fit the loaded picture inside control bounds,and maintaining aspect ratio of the picture. When the picture is loaded with picture.loadfromfile, I can use "proportional" (and "center") to force the image fits. Thanks in advance Jordi
  15. jmonty77

    FileUpload filter

    Now that accept attribute is supported in all major browsers on file input controls, it will be great that we can use it in unifileupload. I think that now this attribute does nothing? Thank you Jordi