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  1. Hi I can see, that both EurekaLog and madException is being used by people out there. Is one to prefer over the other? Is there something, that we should be aware of before choosing one? Is there another option besides the two mentioned here? Regards Michael
  2. Currently - with some 10.000 records - less than half a secod. But this will be significantly longer with more data
  3. Hi I think I have setup my mail to be used as forum email. We have 2 licenses to uniGUI. Both are ordered tnrough our common developermail. I have found where to enter my forum email using this link: But I am unsure if I can in some way create two users so that both me and my colleque can have a forumaccount
  4. This is how I have it set, but it does not show more than the first page. And I cant get it to go to all the next pages, unless I do a locate first...
  5. eh... unless I'm blind, I have under account settings set my mail. And I also got a mail about this reply. Am I supposed to enter it several places? Regards Michael
  6. Hi First of all - I'm sorry if this question has already been asked. If so - point me in the right direction (I have searched the forum, but maybe not good enough). We have just started to use uniGUI. We use Delphi 11, uniGUI and FireDAC. I have a frame, where I have put a uniDBGrid on. The query attached via datasource here selects almost 10.000 rows and 15 columns. Under WEBOptions it is set to: Paged=TRUE PageSize=100 FetchAll = FALSE When the frame is showned and the query opened, it will as expected show 100 rows. https://ibb.co/gr2Pdmm At the button of the DBGrid there is a First page, previous page, Current page, next page, last page and a refresh. All buttons are disabled, and I am on page 1. Eventhough there should be almost 100 pages. I can scrool up and down on those 100 records being showned. I cant get to next page. I can enable FetchAll=TRUE and then I have a correct number and all buttons are open. But this is not what I want. We might have customer with millions of records, and I cant have them fetchAll. Another solution is to enter a value in a uniComboBox and do a locate on this value. Then the entered value is located, and suddenly buttons are enabled and it says 98 pages. https://ibb.co/TbvQKb1 I would like the buttons to be enabled, but without fetching all.
  7. Great Thank you Michael
  8. Hi I am about to buy uniGUI. But just before I do, I was looking if the current release supports Delphi 11. Or if it in the near future will support Delphi 11. And if i buy now, will I also be able to download a version later with D11 support. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, but I cant find this information. Regards Michael Microcom
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