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Invalid session or session Timeout

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I need help with my application

I'm having this error

Project1.exe: 000015F8: 11:16:04 []: EUniSessionException: Invalid session or session timeout. (Session not found: 23_VVwFj8bixu1079F49B9): Addr: $ 00767622

the application is over 300 simultaneous accesses, but it is not taking it anymore, what can I do more with the hyperserver to improve?

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Hello friends, it is with great happiness that I announce that today the application is running smoothly, as we can see in the image we hit 354 sessions and we had no problem with performance, of course I had a job analyzing my codes and improving, but mainly we doubled to 16gb memory, 8 processors and 1gigabite network.



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in the task manager, you can tell me, how many processes and identifiers are being shown on your server, because I have a server with 32 gb ram and 8 colors, and even with low memory and processor usage, the server ends up crashing, due to large amount of processes.

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I transferred my system to another datacenter, the freezing of windows stopped, it was a problem on the host servers I was using.

in the new datacenter, sometimes I have a high cpu load reaching 100% of use, but windows do not crash,

I am still doing countless reviews on my project, because I have a great structure, and the high use of CPUs worries me a lot.

I have 5 cloud servers with 16 gb and 6 colors each, plus a database server with 128 gb memory, and I do the load balancer between servers with nginx, this should be enough for at least 2 thousand simultaneous users, and i am trying high cpu load with 30% of that amount.

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