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Problems with TUniHTMLFrame and Chart.js

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I have 2 issues regarding using chart.js in TUniHTMLFrame. Maybe someone can help.


Below is link to download simple example.




Issue 1: Loading HTML from index.html file does not work correctly. The loaded file is not displayed or not displayed correctly. Only when i reloed the file for few times then content is displayed correctly in UniHTMLFrame (click few times button LoadChart to get result like in index.html file, which is located in exe directory).


Issue 2: When you load index.html directly in the browser then mouse scroll makes chart zooming, but when i load index.html to TUniHtmFrame then zooming is not working.


If someone can download it and give me some tips what is wrong with it?




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I have found that this example works fine with TUniURLFrame, when I add HTML text to its HTML property.


But unfortunatelly I am declaring some JS functions in HTML, which works with TUniHTMLFrame and does not work with TUniURLFrame.


So, displaying and zooming is working fine in TUniURLFrame, and declaring functions is working with TUniHTMLFrame. No one is working good enough for me. Any suggestions?



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The example was not working for me.

What I did.


1) Remove backslash before index.html. 



2) On ServerModule, move the strings below in CustomCSS to CustomFiles.

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