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  1. Hi I want to crop image with aspect ratio 1.25 for example crop box size most be 200pixel*250pixel. I make a UniGui Sample for crop image from your instructions with carefully. Unfortunately it show below error which you can see in the attachment picture. Thank you
  2. Hi In Query, Boolean fields don't appears correct. In my sample pic, I connect to a table direct with AdoTable and AdoQuery. Regards.
  3. Hi How to identify a date column console.log(col.xtype) logs 'gridcolumn' and not datecolumn. Regards.
  4. Hi How to put these codes for each column of date type?(Columns are create dynamically in runtime) Regards.
  5. Hi This is my TestCase. Regards. UniDBGridHeaderDblClick.rar
  6. Hi If the column has a GroupHeader, the function will not work. Regards.
  7. Hi How to get a double-clicked column index? Regards.
  8. Hi Is the OnTitleClick event equal to double-clicking in the column header? Regards.
  9. Hi I set InputType of UniEdit on datetime-local. What should be set to display the Jalali calendar? Regards.
  10. Hi How to get the double-click event of the UniDbGrid column header(only header and not cell or body)? Regards.
  11. Hi Is there a solution to this. Regards.
  12. Hi, I use Ver and professional edition. Regards.
  13. I mean current topic.
  14. Hi Is there a solution to using a Jalali calendar in Calendar Panel as use in DatePicker in below link? Regards.
  15. Hi After merge two row by user, changes must be saved in database. Next time, when users will open the dataset, will see only one row(result of merge two row). source row must be deleted from database(and not show in uniDbgrid) and destination row must be updated. Regards.
  16. Hi The user does not want all records with an empty field to be merged. Rather, it wants to do so selectively. Regards.
  17. UnidBGrid show list of data that some fields is empty(no entered by user). I want by drag & drop (for two rows), merge dragged (Source) row data into dropped (Destination) row. This means after drop, update destination row data by source row data and then delete source row. Source UnidBGrid and Destination UnidBGrid is same. for example row id 1 : firstname: name1 lastname: empty ordercount: 10 row id 2 : firstname: name1 lastname: lastname1 ordercount: 5 resault of DnD: row id 1: firstname: name
  18. Hi How can merge two records (rows) in unidBGrid by use Drag & Drop. Best Regards.
  19. Hi UniGridExcelExporter1 export only current page. How can export all pages? Regards.
  20. Hi Not seen for the first time. I Reinstall it . Regards.
  21. Hi I install 1531 Ver ,But I don't have Tuniframe , or any frame except TUniURLFrame and TUniHTMLFrame. Regards.
  22. This Is my log after install HyperServerConfig2020-04-23.log
  23. A.Soltani

    Hyper Server

    Hi When install FMSoft_uniGUI_HyperServer_Config_1.90.0.1530 ,the below address in my server don't created. ..\uniGUI\HyperServer\bin\ folder (\bin64\ for 64-bit binaries). Regards.
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