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TunimDBNumberEdit text (field) alignment


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Hi Guys,


I am having an issue with text alignment of TunimDBNumberEdit, its seems no matter the property I change it always appears right aligned, even when alignment is set to left.

I am using client side alignment and vbox on the form, and the fieldset contains the controls.


Below are two images, one of TunimDBEdit (which is aligned as I would expect) then TunimDBNumberEdit which is not.


Image Link to explain,









I am just trying to achieve a a list of fields which all work and align fine, apart from the TunimDBNumberEdit control. Am I missing something?

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Rather than opening a new thread I will ask here as the problem is related. The above code works perfectly for controls created at design time.

However, I now need to create controls at runtime - and the alignment for the TUnimDbNumberEdit label is now incorrect, as per the image.


What do I need to do to make the label alignment as other controls, as per the image.


FYI - I am using touch 4.2, and build 1425 - I am hoping to upgrade to latest build ASAP, but for now I am stuck on this build, as I am just finishing the project.




Thanks, Dan.

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I iterate a dataset to create any items, this is the reason why I create at runtime, as I do not know how many items are needed at design time.

I do not give the component a name


Here is the code I use, which creates all items as I want, just the label alignment can not be changed of TUnimDbNumberEdit.


   number := TUnimDbNumberEdit.Create(FrmMain);
    number.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['beforeInit']:= 'function beforeInit(sender, config) {config.style = {''text-align'':''left''}';
    number.Parent := fieldSet;
    number.DataSource := dsList;
    number.DataField := _FieldName;
    number.FieldLabel := _Caption;
    number.FieldLabelWidth := 40;

I will try giving the component a name and report back.

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OK, Once adding a name to the component I get 'Ajax Error' 'Unexpected Token' - which I guess means my JS is incorrect?

number.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['beforeInit']:= 'function beforeInit(sender, config) {config.style = {''text-align'':''left''}';

Can you confirm this is correct - perhaps the it does not like the double quoted string for {''text-align'':''left''} ?

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