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Are you more than 40 years old?


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I have 57. Working with Delphi from 1998. Started programming 1982 on IBM1130 and my first personal comp was ZX Spectrum :biggrin::blink:;)



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Great ))) We can open museum here )))

But as for seriously, we could be any age, any technology stack, more important is the love of what you are doing and how. On any language we can do good and bad things, popularity will always be changable. Choose yours! 

When i started this topic, i tried to understand, should i continue with Delphi or switch to C#, as for now, i understand - both of them will always have their lovers)

And i have projects on both as for now. Knowledge of different technologies enriches your skills as a programmer. For ex. i love mvc pattern from asp mvc and use it in my current projects, 'cause it gives clear transperent code...

And of course, UniGUI, the best framework for Delphi and Farshad is the Genious of Delphi )))


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