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UniHtmlMemo Nesnesine Resim Ekleme

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Thank you very much @DelphiDeveloper. There's only one thing I need to solve.

How to add images added to the original dimensions?


image upload width ?  height ?

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Try this, without width and height:


4. UniFileUpload1 -> OnCompleted:

procedure TMainForm.UniFileUpload1Completed(Sender: TObject;
  AStream: TFileStream);
  DestName : string;
  DestFolder : string;
  CopyFile(PChar(AStream.FileName), PChar(DestName), False);
  //UniSession.AddJS(UniHTMLMemo1.JSName + '.execCmd(''InsertHTML'', ''<img width="138" height="87" src="'+ 'UploadFolder/' + UniFileUpload1.FileName +'"></img>'')');
  UniSession.AddJS(UniHTMLMemo1.JSName + '.execCmd(''InsertHTML'', ''<img src="'+ 'UploadFolder/' + UniFileUpload1.FileName +'"></img>'')');

Best regards,

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It's the name I added before, but when I add a different picture, it always gets the old picture.


I unzipped the Debug \ UploadFolder folder and delete on and I copy these files one more time, but where?


C:\fakepath\2.png ?



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