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iOS 11 camera access from "home screen" application

ios 11 home screen app camera

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#1 dan602


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Posted 13 January 2018 - 02:50 PM

Hi Guys,

I have just come across a fairly large issue for myself, and probably others.

I have just upgraded my ipad air to iOS 11, and now the camera does not work - when launching "a web app" from your home screen, the camera appears but it just shows as a black screen.

It works as expected if you access your application via a Safari tab (web broswer), just not when you open it via a bookmarked application added to your home screen.

This is a large issue, as customers like and use the application as an app - it opens into its own full screen window.

Here is some background reading from stack overflow - https://stackoverflo...-screen-web-app

It seems their isn't much anyone can do - so I guess I am asking in vain - Anyone have any ideas?

The only thing I can think of is using firemonkey ios application and having a TBrowser to host the web URL, unfortunately I do not have the mobile add on for delphi professional.
I would be really thankful if someone could test this for me, I just need to know if the camera is still accessible (eg not just a blank screen)

(Then I can consider buying the mobile add-on for delphi)

Thanks for any help.

*Edit1* - does anyone know if it's possible to manually remove meta tags, one solution to this problem as per stack overflow is


<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> 

so your 'app' runs in a normal Safari tab, where getuserMedia is accessible.

This is really quite a serious issue for me and my customer base.


*Edit 2*


I am using FileUpload.Execute; to access the camera

I am currently using uni gui version


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#2 Delphi Developer

Delphi Developer

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 07:47 PM



Maybe this solution can help you:

function window.beforeInit(sender, config)
    Ext.onReady(function() {
        var removeElementByName = function(elName) {
            var appleEls = document.getElementsByName(elName);
            var l = appleEls.length;
            for (i = 0; i < l; i++) {
                var el = appleEls[0];

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#3 dan602


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Posted 13 January 2018 - 08:44 PM

Hi Delphi Developer,


Thanks for giving me the code for the work around - this now allows me to still  "save to home screen" as before and launch the app into safari.- exactly, as per the stackoverflow answer.


If anyone comes across this I added the code above on my login screen uni events > window before init.


It works exactly as expected.


Lets hope apple fix this issue ASAP!


Thanks once again!

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#4 dan602


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Posted 26 April 2018 - 07:57 PM

Just incase anyone looks at this, apple fixed the issue in 11.3 you can now use the camera from a web application.

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