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Delphi IDE Colorizer - did you know about?

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Yesterday opened for myself Delphi IDE Colorizer (DIC). Cool thing - see attachment pic !!!

It has dozens of themes, transparent menu, with Delphi Theme Editor together you can customize IDE as you wish. And it is free.

I downloaded it from Installer on github

github Source.


Also you will need to customize code area...

Delphi theme editor


So, share please your thoughts about...








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I used it for two days, then switch back to normal Delphi theme,  it made the IDE slower, specially when navigating the code, and got many times freezing, when uninstall it, everything back to normal.

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Native themes already exist on Delphi IDE.

menu Project > Options > Application>appearance.

You will find about 30 themes.
(I never used them).


edit :

Sorry, this is about the Application.exe behavior not IDE.

But you can get some custom colors in : environment Options



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