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He experimented using TuniFrame to use some reports that have visual interaction screen with the user.
However, I have some difficulties when there is a failure to prepare the report.
In Tuniframe, there is a method that will prepare the report, and if so, preview the file and successively destroy the frame. This works perfectly
However, when the preparation method fails, the frame is not being destroyed.
If an attempt is made to run the report again, we received an error that the frame already exists.
How should we proceed in such a situation?
procedure TfrmFinanceiro_Associado.UniSpeedButton3Click(Sender: TObject);
var FrC : TUniFrameClass;
    Fr : TUniFrame;
     if qrydados.IsEmpty then
     FrC := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('TFrameEmissaoBoleto'));
     if frc <> nil then
          fr := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('TFrameEmissaoBoleto')).Create(self);
          if fr <> nil then
               if not datamodel.link.util.ExecutaMetodo(fr,'prepara') then


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