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ClientEvents at runtime

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On the create of all of my forms I have a function which loops over controls to find all UniDBGrids, so I can have one function that sets up the grids, so they are all the same.


Is it possible to hook up ClientEvents at runtime, eg


AGrid.ClientEvents.UniEvents := xxx


I want to be able to hook up to Ext.toolbar.Paging [pagingBar]


function pagingBar.afterCreate(sender)
    sender.items.items[10].hide(); //hide refresh button
This will allow me to add this in one place, rather than 50 odd forms.
Is this possible?

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**edit ignore this post - posted in haste**


I have just seen the client demo - UniEdit1.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['change']:='function(sender, newValue){UniClientEventsDynamicClient.UniEdit2.setValue(newValue)}';


if anyone does come across this I can confirm this works,


AGrid.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['pagingBar.afterCreate']:='function pagingBar.afterCreate(sender){sender.items.items[10].hide();}';

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I dinamically create components TuniButton, and set "resize" function:


TuniButton (NewComponent).ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['resize'] := 'function resize(sender, width, height, oldWidth, oldHeight, eOpts)'
                        + '{'
                        + '    var me = sender.btnInnerEl;'
                        + '    var tm = new Ext.util.TextMetrics();'
                        + '    var lineHeight = parseInt(me.getStyle("line-height"));'
                        + '    if (tm.getSize(sender.text).width >= width + 10)'
                        + '    {'
                        + '      Ext.defer(function() {'
                        + '          me.setStyle("line-height", lineHeight / 2 + "px");'
                        + '          me.setStyle("white-space", "normal");'
                        + '      }, 50);'
                        + '    }'
                        + '    else'
                        + '    {'
                        + '      me.setStyle("white-space", "nowrap");'
                        + '    };'
                        + '}';

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